Why are the Democratic Socialists so hell bent on slicing and dicing American society by race, creed and color?

Most Americans are not systemically racist! As a matter of fact, America is probably the least racist country in the world, at least until the race baiting liberal Democrats turn race into the most important part of their Marxist platform to “fundamentally transform America”.  Does it trouble you that the greatest racial strife and inequality has occurred under Democrat Administrations?

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Guest: Elbert Lee Guillory –  (born June 24, 1944)[2] is a former member of the Louisiana State Senate.  He is currently running as a candidate for Lt. Governor in Louisiana on a platform of sound money, sound principles, self reliance and faith in our Creator.  https://www.elbertguillorysamerica.com/
Book: The New Government Plantation

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We should then look at the questionable history of the Democratic Party when it comes to race.  They were the party of slavery/segregation and the Republicans were the party of emancipation/integration.  Somehow the liberals have managed to paper over that undeniable historical fact and convince Americans of African descent that it was the party of Jefferson Davis, not Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves.  How did they manage to accomplish that amazing feat?

To understand this from a modern context, we need to go back to the 1950s and the segregation that continued in the Democrat controlled deep South with Jim Crow laws that made segregation of the races a way of life.  President Eisenhower (a Republican) challenged the segregationists with the signing of the 1957 Civil Rights Act and the forced integration of the Little Rock schools by executive order.

John F. Kennedy was the first Democratic President to support integration, mostly because he was an unusually broad minded Yankee Democrat from a Massachusetts Catholic family. He frequently challenged Democratic icons such as the CIA and Labor Unions, plus he held a strong anti-communist bias that created many enemies within his own party.  Upon his still unresolved assassination in Dallas, his successor, Lyndon Baines Johnson, a pro-segregationist Southern Democrat known to hate and be hated by the Kennedys, took the party back in a decidedly socialistic direction.

To say that Johnson was the consummate politician and an abject opportunist would be a gross understatement.  He understood power and control like few others. He was a big government social Democrat, cut from the same cloth as Franklin Roosevelt.  Under his tutelage the Great Society programs that helped turn the United States into a socialist country were put into place.  Like all Social Democrats, he didn't have a clue how to live on a budget, but knew how to appeal to the poor on a short term basis by robbing future generations of their wealth and opportunity.  I could probably write several books on one of the most corrupt Presidents that ever lived, but since I am limited to this text, let us look at the LBJ Civil Rights record.

Although Johnson was well known by his political colleagues as a bigot and racist, he also understood that the Dixiecrats were on their way out and needed a face lift for the Democratic Party to survive and thrive.  They needed the Black vote.

Prior to his assassination, John Kennedy had proposed an integration bill that the political opportunist Johnson pushed through in 1964 with overwhelming support by Republicans, and very limited support by Democrats.  Johnson wanted his Great Society programs and riding on Kennedy's coattails on integration gave him just the boost he needed to get his expansive socialist programs through Congress under the guise of racial progress.

By inventing massive new government social programs Johnson sold himself as the savior of the poor and created the “liberal plantation” that has fostered a new form of slavery, undermining social progress for the working poor of all races.  Great Society programs have destroyed the nuclear family, by creating a permanent underclass dependent on government handouts to survive.  It created incentives to not work, and encouraged unwed single parent families with promises of financial support.  These programs are creating the unfunded liabilities that are bankrupting America, and guess who takes credit for improving society; the social Democrats with their well worn racist message, “if you weren't born white you can't succeed in America without government help”.  This message has taken racial and social progress backward for nearly sixty years and threatens the very fabric of American society.

Why?  Well for starters, most liberal Democrats are Marxists, and Marxists know that a cohesive America cannot be turned communist until they destroy our sense of patriotism and kill the feeling that anyone regardless of race or creed can succeed with hard work and a strong sense of personal responsibility.  Marxists thrive on division……..in fact, without class division and racial strife, their whole thesis on the plight of the oppressed falls apart like a cheap suit.



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