The planned cashless society is a trap.  CBDC digital money is a means of complete societal control that we must resist.

Our society is run by Lawyers and Central Bankers who decided decades ago that they are the smartest people on the planet and should therefore direct and control everything and everyone.  How did they vest themselves with that great honor?

Because bankers learned long ago how to create money out of nothing, get people and politicians to borrow that nothing and pay enormous amounts of interest, and when they ran out of that nothing money, beg and grovel for more.

Join us for a look at the world of blockchain technology, crypto currencies, asset backed constitutional money, debt based fiat money, keystroke digital money, barter economics, and ways to circumvent the planned CBDC social credit system.  More importantly, we must learn to resist those who would enslave us.

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Lawyers learned how to collect outrageous fees by capitalizing on stupidity, misery, personal tragedy and criminal activity, which seems to be in unlimited supply.  The really successful lawyers represented bankers and politicians who had their hands on the money spigot, or better yet, became bankers and politicians themselves.  It makes sense that the self anointed geniuses would come from those two groups.

The really solid evidence of their brilliance is that no matter how badly they do their job they get paid and we taxpayers usually foot the bill.

The fianacial crisis of 2008-2009 should certainly prove that point.  The banking sector gambled and lost many trillions of dollars on a game of chance called credit default swaps (derivatives) but instead of going to prison for fraud, the losses were put on the taxpayer's tab.

Not only did taxpayers pay the bill, the central bankers made billions in bonuses and the lawyers made billions more in fees representing bankers in court.  Thus both were richly rewarded for damn near bringing down the whole house of cards called international finance.

Well guess what; the smartest people on the planet are once again out of credibility as well as cash, and are carefully positioning themselves to start a new scam called Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

This new scam will eliminate cash, the ability of consumers and regulators to effectively monitor the level of credit banks create, and will allow Central Bankers and their proteges to adopt a communist Chinese modeled “social credit” scoring system to monitor every single transaction on the planet.

With this new control mechanism, they will be able to monitor what you buy, where you buy it, what you eat, where you live, where you work, how much you earn, and what you do with the money you earn.  In the near future AI will be integrated into the human brain through mRNA nano-technology (Vaccines) that will allow someone else to program what you think.

If this sounds far fetched, you had better spend more time reading and researching. Few Americans really understand the complexities of modern society.  This is not by accident, it is by design; ignorance being a very effective way to control humanity by capitalizing on their fear of the unknown.

As long as people allow others to decide their future they will be slaves to those in power; ignorance is not a reasonable excuse for self imposed slavery.

Recent U.S. and European bank failures presage the “Great Reset” of the global banking system announced in 2021 by the WEF President “you will own nothing and you will be happy”, Klaus Schwab.

It's clear that all sovereign fiat currencies tied back to the IMF and World Bank are meant to collapse together and morph into global digital payment systems known as CBDC's.

Worldwide, lawyers, bankers and politicians are in a full court press to salvage what they created; failed fiat banking systems that steal assets and generate perpetual debt.  The levels of debt are now overwhelming the ability to repay and must therefore transition to a new system that maintains their control without exposing their fraud.

Every state government must decide whether they stand with the common people or the fraudsters at the center of the problem.  Montana has fallen victim to the sickening combination of Lawyer/Banker/Politicians and an ignorant public allowing to their elected officials to manipulate them.

Montana Senate Bill SB 370 sponsored by lawyers and bankers (CBDCs) passed easily through the Senate and is currently in the House Business and Labor Committee.  If passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor, Montana will become the poster child for unbridled voter ignorance and “smartest guys on the planet” control being handed back to the very people who raped the financial system in the first place.

It's time for a little bit of common sense and a renewed sense of self preservation from Montana's citizens.  Are we so detached from reality that we would reward the same crooks that fleeced us in 2008 and move Montana into a new level of economic and political slavery that leaves no escape?

The “smartest guys on the planet” are actually not very smart at all. As a matter of fact they are some of the most corruptible guys on the planet or we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.  When you have a group drunk with power steering the bus, it's time to take throw them to the curb and get a new driver.

After a century of Federal Reserve policies, fiat currency manipulations, and profiteering at our expense, haven't we played the Banker's game long enough?

We can and must adapt to the safeguards of blockchain technology.  We must do it within a free market system of physical assets and not allow the same perpetual debt geniuses to retain control through CBDCs and social credits.

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