The issue of the Dutch farmers in Holland, is a subject that we have to cover.  Because they are the direct recipients of some of the most evil aspects of U.N. Agenda 21/2030.  They're being put out of business, seeing their entire agriculture industry go down the tubes.  Holland of all places, the Netherlands, are the number two most traded and greatest economic booster in agriculture in the world behind only the United States.  And it's because, in that little country, they have such an incredibly diverse, and incredibly developed agricultural industry.  Much of it being dairy, various poultry and pigs, but mainly dairy and cattle.  They've been told by the EU and by the U.N., that they need to end much of their agriculture to meet strict standards that were set up to reduce carbon emissions in Europe by at least 50% in the next seven or eight years.

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Guest: Harry Booyens

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This is something that is threatening to take the entire Dutch agricultural economy down.  When I say down, I mean making private ownership and small farms a thing of the past.  Of course this is exactly what they intended from the very beginning…

It's not about the Environment.  It's about controlling people, it's about controlling food, it's about controlling economy's and it's about controlling every aspect of the human condition from cradle to grave.  And they can not do that with independent people and independent agriculture, small farms and people who produce a tremendous amount of the produce that Europe consumes.

The Dutch, in spite of the fact that they live on an area about 1/200ths the size of the United States, are the number two producer in agricultural products in the world, according to Time magazine.  That is a pretty phenomenal thing.  You can not do that without a very developed agricultural sector.

I live in a part of rural Montana where I grew up around the Dutch farmers.  I know the Dutch farmers very well and they are probably some of the best farmers in the country.  They usually have the best run farms in the country.  I believe they're very much conservationists, because they're whole livelihood depends on it.  They usually have the cleanest and the most organized operations.

And quite frankly, we are seeing in Holland now, in the Netherlands, we're seeing something they we're going to see all over the world and I see it coming to the United States right now.  China Joe and his administration, the O'biden administration, are really attacking private enterprise and small farms all over the United States.  They're doing it by administrative rule.  I have a number of friend's who are battling against this through states attorney generals.  We'll be talking about that in another program, about how these various 30×30 initiatives and all the rest of the programs that the O'biden administration is pushing forward at light speed, how directly they violate our Constitution and frankly that doesn't bother the O'biden administration because they are part of a much wider world wide conspiracy to destroy the United States as the last remaining Constitutional Republic and bring the world under a One World Technocratic Feudalist state.  These people, these so called progressive's, have got to understand, that they will be the next one on the menu after they figure out a way to get rid of us.  They are using controlled opposition, they are using the Marxists and Socialists within our own country, to try to bring down those of us who believe in private property and free enterprise and the things that made the United States great.

Today, my guest Harry Booyans is one of my favorite people in the whole world.  And I really mean that.  He is one of the most interesting guests we've ever had.  He always says what he thinks.  Harry is a PhD in physics, who worked in the weapons industry in South Africa.  Harry wrote an excellent book called AmaBhulu.  It's a terrific writing on the whole history of South Africa, from the first landing of some of the Dutch people in 1653 until today.  It was a great historical book that covered everything on South Africa from A to Z.


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