WAKE UP AMERICA, we are losing our lives, liberty and property!!

The United States of America has become the breadbasket for the world because of our hard working farmers and ranchers, and our abundant fertile and productive farmland.  America was built on the independent pioneer spirit of a strong and determined people willing to sacrifice and struggle so that their children and grandchildren could live a free and happy existence on the land that their forefathers paid for with blood, sweat and tears.  Nothing was easy and nothing was expected but hard work and sacrifice.  America was settled by immigrants and outcasts with one common understanding; America was a land of opportunity, but that opportunity came with a price.  The price was sacrifice, and many made the ultimate sacrifice so that their progeny could live in abundance and liberty.

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Guests: Nathan Desheemaeker, Dick Ewing, Michael Badnarik
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The very cornerstone of American exceptionalism is the idea of private property that is so beautifully outlined in America's Founding Documents.  For the first time in world history, a system of government was created that made sacred the notion that your labor was your property and that government or feudal masters did not have the right to take the labor of your hands without your permission and just compensation.  Private property is so much more complex than most people realize: labor, land, personal property, your physical body, and the thoughts and ideas that come from your mind, are all forms of private property.  The ability to speak freely and to think as you wish is as key to private property as any land or personal possessions.

Socialists and various Marxist ideologues fully understand the underpinnings of private property and have worked tirelessly over many generations through academia and our societal institutions to blur the meaning of property until we are more likely to be property than to own property.  We are taxed, controlled, coerced and intimidated into believing that the Founders vision of property was no different than man other governments throughout history, and our national history is now being re-written to downplay the whole concept of property and individual liberty.  The Founding Fathers are being portrayed as rich old white men who promoted slavery and injustice at every level, destroying all evidence that contradicts that Marxist revisionist thesis.

As the progressive socialists of both political parties became more and more entrenched within our political culture and institutions, rule making and administrative regulations gradually replaced laws, making the administrative state stronger and representative elected government much weaker.  Although it would seem counterintuitive, our elected representatives actually supported their own subordination to the administrative bureaucracy, because it made their lives less accountable and more “movie star like”.  Elections became little more than beauty contests between ugly people and professional politicians became lifelong members of the ruling class with bureaucrats doing their heavy lifting and taking most of the heat for out-of-control government regulation and spending.

This week's program will start with constitutional expert, Michael Badnarik talking about his 5 part constitutional training program and how critical a good understanding of our founding documents are to the concept of individual liberty and private property.

Next, the attack on Western lands and private property ownership (small farms and ranches) will be discussed, with an emphasis on the role of radical environmentalism and their many tax exempt foundations and non-profit groups working in harmony with the administrative state to expand public lands and reduce private inholdings.  U.N. Agenda 21/2030 and the Wildlands Projected a re-wilding of more than 50% of America to pre-Columbian wilderness with no human habitation.  Much of the remaining land will be so highly regulated and controlled that small farms and ranches will be forced of of existence, replaced with corporate giants like Monsanto and Cargill.  America must retain our ability to own property or we will become property.

Wake Up America

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This Weeks Guest Profile(s)

Nathan DescheemaekerNathan Descheemaeker – and his family raise registered feeder calves in Central Montana.

Descheemaeker is a Senior Research Associate and Policy Analyst specializing in federal and local government administrative procedures, land and natural resource policymaking, local governmental relations, and program management.  Nathan is also an accomplished musician and a self taught theologian with a love for the classics.  Nathan has worked with local governments to identify and challenge attacks on small farm and ranch operations facing increased pressure and regulation by forces and groups outside of Montana, and many times outside of the Untied States.

Dick Ewing

Michael Badnarik

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