Join us for a look at the world of blockchain technology, crypto currencies, asset backed constitutional money, debt based fiat money, keystroke digital money, and ways to resist the soon to be implemented social credit system. The best means of resistance has never changed, quit playing by their rules and make them fight on our battlefield.

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Guest: Kent Lewiss
Guest: Kevan Mills
FINALLY Americans are opening their eyes to the reality of a world of highly coordinated and very evil people overwhelmingly aligned against the American system of free choice, private property and personal responsibility.
Marxism (communism) has controlled academia and the U.S. propaganda press for at least the past 80+ years; gradually imbedding the nonsensical ideas of the sociopathic Karl Marx into the American fabric until we no longer understand the meaning of “constitutional republic”.
Villainized Senator Joe McCarthy was absolutely right, our government, academia and media were riddled with communists and Marxists 70 years ago, which, like cancer, has metastasized until it is now irredeemable.  While Americans grew fat and complacent the enemies of freedom were hard at work dismantling our basic institutions with relish, their goal being that the America of our Founders must be destroyed completely for their worldwide communism to succeed.
Sadly, many of the enemies of freedom were imbedded within our own society and held high positions in government.  Using the naive sense of decency and Christian charity permeating our American culture as a weapon against us, the enemies of civil society took over many of our traditional institutions like the cancer that they are.
The key to control always goes back to the same thing; MONEY.  The power elite have understood this forever and are masters at blackmail, deceit, and the ability to buy anything they want.  The world they envision only tolerates communism as a necessary interim step in the destruction of America.  Once America is taken down, collectivism is next to go, to be replaced by a system of technocratic totalitarianism with only a small group of Feudal lords in control at the top.

The planned cashless society is a trap. Digital money is a means of control that was created by those who would control humanity.

As Klaus Schwab says, you will own nothing and be happy.  What goes unsaid is that “they” will own everything and will be ecstatic because those few humans that remain will be transhuman slaves to the Elite who truly will own everything.
Last week we witnessed an event that will go down in history as the first completely open challenge and attack by an American President on the law abiding and God fearing patriots that make up the legitimate voting majority in mainstream America.  China Joe Obiden is a Marxist and demagogue that has spent his entire life selling out our nation to his global special interests and the enemies of America.  It was just not so in-your-face until last week.  We now know that the progressive socialists illegitimately controlling the nation are pulling out all the stops in a final rush to taking down our republic.
Since money is at the center of every power grab throughout history, it becomes clear that a collapse of our economy and a movement to eliminate cash is central to their plan to install a social credit (total control) grid that will stop all political dissent and end the concept of free will forever.  Never before in human history have the power elite had all the tools necessary to pull off a power grab of this magnitude.  Many folks think that the world of crypto currencies and blockchain technologies will stop this move by fiat bankers; but what if they own this technology just like they own everything else?  Are there ways to use block chain technology to our advantage within the current system without losing anonymity?  Can we create barter systems and food sources that can function outside of the police state without making the participants targets?  Are there systems currently in place that meet all the legal challenges and can provide a way to remain somewhat independent?
To answer those questions we must be informed and understand the complex systems that we are facing.  We must analyze the myriad legal challenges and exploit any opportunity to expose their plan to average Americans that generally don't have a clue about the globalist control grid confronting humanity.  The numbers are on our side if we can just awaken enough patriots to the problem and get their cooperation through active personal involvement.  We aren't losing the battle because we are wrong, we are losing it because we are not as devious and cunning as our adversaries. They will lie, cheat and steal anything and everything from elections to human lives without remorse.  Although we may not approve of their ruthless tactics, we must certainly understand them and be willing to fight these traitors on our terms, not theirs.  They are constantly changing the rules and are masters of deceit.  We can win on our terms, but must be as dedicated and resolute as our opponents…..we have no other realistic option.
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