Are the globalists promoting Agenda 21/2030 finally in charge, and are they going to successfully steal our liberty and property?

Klaus Schwab announced at the 2021 World Economic Forum that he and other World Leaders were accelerating their Great Reset that would move a radical Marxist/socialist/technocratic agenda forward worldwide.  Schwab has stated openly that the Covid pandemic has helped to move their agenda forward much more quickly than originally anticipated.  This agenda ends nation states as they currently exist and creates a world government that totally controls every physical asset and every human action on earth.  It is the ultimate fulfillment of Agenda 21/2030 combined with the total takeover of the banking and monetary policies of every nation on earth.  It is the end run around national sovereignty that will destroy everything that Americans have trusted and believed in for 233 years, and it is likely to happen very, very soon………….like possibly within months.

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Guest: Nathan Descheemaeker – Nathan has worked with local governments to identify and challenge attacks on small farm and ranch operations facing increased pressure and regulation by forces and groups outside of Montana, and many times outside of the United States. Through his research and work on property rights related to The American Prairie Reserve, Nathan has become an expert on UN Agenda 21/2030 and other plans of globalist planners and international bankers.

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How in the world did we allow this near total takeover of our society by such an evil plan and cast of international despots.  More to the point; how did we as a national populace become such a bunch of dimwitted sheep that we will accept that a Chinese bio-weapon lab created virus paid for by American taxpayers that has a 99.8% survival rate should virtually shut down the American economy and send all of us scurrying to our homes on lockdown orders by our government, force us to isolate ourselves from family and friends, wear face masks with little/no resistance, and succumb to a forced inoculation program that has been proven to be deadlier than the Covid virus itself?

The reason these “leaders” get away with the things that they do is because we let them, and many of the useful idiots that make up the American populace actually help them destroy the various freedoms that have made their lives comfortable…..a kind of blissful self destruction.

One of the cornerstones of our personal independence is the right to own property.  What is property?  Well, it could be the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the house you own or your personal possessions.  But property doesn't end there.  Property is the product of your mind and genius for creating products and businesses.  Your body is your property, and no-one should have the power to force you to put anything in your body that you don't approve.

Now, according to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, under the “Great Reset” you will lose all rights to property, and don't kid yourself into believing that will be a good thing.  When you realize the totality of their control schemes, you begin to realize that humans, including you, will be little more than slaves to a technocratic control grid that a select few will have the power to control.

How will this control grid deal with those who resist?  Well, first of all, since you will be totally dependent on the state for everything, any resistance will be met with immediate action on the part of the state that takes away anything that supports your life including food, housing, job, travel, entertainment, education……..literally everything you depend on to survive.

Did I mention that under this system families will no longer exist, birth control by the state will be absolute, and humans will be genetically created in a test tube that allows humans to be combined with machines in a process called Transhumanism.  Don't believe me or think this is just a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory?  Maybe you had better look up Transhumanism on the internet, then go to the World Economic Forum website or read Klaus Schwab's book: COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET.  If you do even a minimal amount of your own investigation, you will realize this exactly what they have planned for you; lock, stock & barrel.

So what do they have planned for the small farmers and ranchers that make up much of the American West and the few remaining sources of non-genetically modified food?  Do they really plan to destroy all private property including farming and ranching that produces much of America's meat and produce?  In a word “YES”, and they plan to do it very soon. They have made it very clear that all food, right down to the last gram will be produced by mega corporations that they own and control. After all, if they totally own and control the means of food production right down to the last calorie, do you really think that anyone will be able to resist their control?  And meat will be only for the elite and their toadies.  The rest will live as vegans whether we like it or not.

Is there hope that this run away freight train of governmental control can be stopped?  Yes it can, but it won't happen unless more and more Americans get off their lazy derrière and start exercising their few remaining freedoms while they still have them.

This week we will be looking at how one determined citizen can make a world of difference with well researched information and a solid plan of action, working with County and State elected representatives to expose the federal agencies and entrenched bureaucrats that have been at the center of a half century of land theft.  See for yourself how the federal and state laws protecting food production and range management have been illegally ignored and voided by self made agency rules dreamed up by unelected bureaucrats and the radical environmentalists guiding them.  If you have no idea how the Deep State became a behemoth that can overthrow Presidents and impose totally unconstitutional rules, join us for this very informative podcast with a well informed young man who is willing to step forward at a time when many able bodied Americans are looking for holes to crawl into.

WAKE UP AMERICANS – your country needs you now more than ever.

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