The green pathway to globalism has a distinctive red color and will lead to environmental destruction…not salvation.

Just about the time that you think it can't get much worse, it does!  The open contempt that the elite have for average citizens and humanity in general, borders on the maniacal.

They think of us as too stupid to function without their benevolent guidance as they “lead” us from one disastrous situation to the next.  Misinterpreting patience as acceptance, they move forward with their plans, ignoring the growing resistance to their so-called leadership with a level of arrogance combined with a disconnect from reality that borders on insanity.

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Guest: Paul Driessen
(Eco-Imperialism: Green Power – Black Death and Cracking Big Green To Save the World from the Save-the-Earth Money Machine)
David Wojick
A free lance critic of government policy.  He works the intersection of science, technology and policy, especially in the area of energy and environment.  Articles by David.

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Although it is proving to be a double edged sword, thank God for the expos'e that social media, the internet, and various whistleblowers have had on the crackpot plans by a powerful few to kill off or totally control humanity from cradle to grave.  Facts are nasty little things that some have an ability to ferret out, despite obvious attempts to bury them under lies and propaganda hit pieces by bought and paid for political hacks, leftist academia and the shills of the CCP controlled press.

The Green New Deal and UN Agenda 21/2030 are a case in point.  After 3 decades of calling anyone mentioning UN Agenda 21 a wingnut and conspiracy theorist, it turns out that we wingnuts were right all along, while the conspiracy was hiding in plain sight
and being sheltered by the same evil actors that are vilifying us.
They have become so confident in their ultimate success that they now openly call for the
“fundamental transformation” of American independence, and converting the uniquely American right to own property into a Marxist technocratic model straight out of Huxley's Brave New World.

Sadly, 100 years of Marxist indoctrination in our schools has led most younger Americans down the primrose path of Utopian Socialism that promises free stuff for everyone without personal responsibility.  It's ironic that the only countries getting a free pass on this “fundamental transformation” are already living under communism…………….which proves what we conspiracy theorists have been saying all along; it's not about the environment and never was, it's about destroying free market capitalism while advancing communism.

The Green New Deal is not green, not new, and it is certainly not a good deal…….it is a very red, old and well thought out plan to capture, hamstring and eventually destroy free market capitalism, while moving humans into a cradle to grave control grid society that will end a sovereign America and deindustrialize the developed world as we know it.

It is no secret that the United States (as the last best hope for a prosperous world) has been in a life and death battle with international communism for at least the past century. With unlimited funding and influence pumped in by the Power Elite that control finance, media, academia and big business, a small percentage of very powerful and ultra rich have hitched the useful idiots of Marxism to the big green plow they will use to bury centuries of advanced civilization, economic opportunity and God given individual rights.

Dimwitted shills of the left take note, “you are merely a useful tool for a super elite group who's ultimate goal is global transformation to a technocratic version of feudalism where their very small clique of ultra powerful will own and control everything.  If you think you are downtrodden now, wait till you see what they have planned for their “Marxist useful idiots” when they are no longer useful.

Refusing to listen to all the facts does not make the Green argument more tenable, it merely reduces the number of options available to reasonable people working within a free society. For anyone thinking that collective rights should trump individual rights, think again.  That is like saying that you can have a beautiful forest without individual trees; it makes no practical sense.

Do we have a responsibility to conserve and care for our natural environment?  Absolutely we do, but when you compare environmental responsibility between command/ control and free market economies, facts prove beyond a shadow of doubt that free market economies are much better stewards of the environment.

The profit motive always leads to a much higher level of stewardship than command/control economies can muster, so if you want a clean and healthful environment, you had better ignore your Marxist professors teaching bad science and even worse politics.

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