Challenging the Greenhouse Theory-Scientist Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller

Challenging the Greenhouse Theory – is conventional greenhouse theory wrong?

Tonight’s guests Nikolov & Zeller are both noteworthy climate scientists, and both agree that the current greenhouse theory climate models are flawed in their basic assumptions, and lack the requisite scientific testing  necessary for credibility.

Their research shows that climate change has very little connection with the so-called greenhouse effect, and in fact is almost exclusively controlled by solar, atmospheric pressure, and gravitational factors that are beyond man’s ability to control. They will present their evidence and the scientific basis that led them to their conclusions.  They will remove the veil of scientific fraud that proposes to deindustrialize America and the developed world by labeling carbon dioxide as a poisonous gas and putting massive new restrictions on all human activities. According to Nikolov and Zeller, many of the new regulations will do more harm than good, and will in fact shackle innovation in the area of climate science at a time when thinking outside the box and innovation will be necessary to make the world more productive and  environmentally friendly.  Please join us to see how real science and not fear mongering can make the world a better place to live.



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