Weapons of Warfare

the human mind as a battlefield

Neurowarfare: Paint a New Reality

Remote Reading & Writing to Your Brain:
non-invasive or minimally invasive in their implantation methods,
so as to create next-generation neural modulation that allows
real-time access to read from the living brain and write into
the living brain, REMOTELY

Technology Used In Medicine

What is Good?  For Whose Good?

The use of advancing tools, science, and technology, inclusive of the brain and cognitive sciences, in those initiatives and agendas that can be used in defensive ways, or in some cases, explicitly offensive ways:
To decapablize a person, to make them incapable [disable mind & body]

To reduce [disable] their will.
To reduce [disable] their willingness [to stick with their value system].
To reduce [disable] their cognitive capabilities
To reduce [disable] their physical capabilities

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Guest: Celeste Solum – is an author, and former FEMA employee and whistleblower. Celeste has studied the World Economic Forum in great detail and will outline the plans for global technocracy and the end to national sovereignty that is part of this plan to control humanity.  Full Bio and Links Here

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The mainstream media has an ongoing propaganda campaign that reminds us non-stop how we must follow the science and everyone on the planet must be “fully vaccinated” against Covid 19.  Meanwhile fully vaccinated seems to be a rapidly moving target that has no scientific definition or quantitative boundaries.  When we actually try to follow the science, we realize that the scientific data is actually unsupportive of the official narrative coming out of Washington D.C.

Even supporters of the official narrative admit that much of the data they quote is more akin to partisan political policy directives and spend much of their energy avoiding hard scientific discussions; preferring to label their critics as anti-vaxers and tin foil hat extremists.  The fact that a very significant segment of the scientific community have mixed or radically divergent views from the “establishment” on the subject of immunology and signal rna as an appropriate foundation for a miracle vaccine, never seems to temper their vitriol.

The question becomes; when are we going to look at all the data and do a complete and comprehensive review of the real science behind the vaccine debate.  The answer, at least from the pragmatist perspective is never! As long as the science and facts run counter to the official narrative, we have a better chance of finding unicorns in Iceland than we do of finding truth in America.  Policy trumps truth every single time in 2022 Amerika.

Every death from disease becomes a Covid death, and every death or life threatening reaction from the vaccines is swept under the rug. In times past, a dozen deaths from a vaccine would pull it off the market.  Today, a hundred thousand deaths from the Covid vaccines are called coincidental or inconsequential. When CDC or NIH data indicates something that does not fit the policy narrative, the data is ignored, pigeon holed, or called inconclusive by a fawning lamestream media that follows lockstep with the official narrative.

Mandatory Vaccine Agenda

If Dr. Fauci says that face masks are ineffective one week and absolutely necessary the next, no-one from the press ever questions his inconsistencies. When fully vaccinated U.S. Navy ship crews are held in port under quarantine because of massive new on-board Covid outbreaks, the press is nowhere to be seen.  When hospitals are filling with fully vaccinated Covid patients while refusing to admit unvaccinated patients, somehow the unvaccinated are the cause of the increase in new fully vaccinated patients.  The inconsistencies are everywhere, and yet the narrative is always the same; Covid vaccines work and are nearly 100 percent effective.

If the vaccines really work as they are touted, what do the vaccinated have to worry about from the unvaccinated?  If natural immunity developed from catching and recovering from the disease suddenly has no relevance, how did humans survive the last 10,000 years when vaccines did not exist?  And, why are more and more scientists expressing alarm over the new class of super bugs and diseases that pose a threat to an over medicated over vaccinated human population?

Looking at all these facts from a 20,000 foot overhead perspective, it is impossible for an intelligent person to avoid an inescapable conclusion…………it's not about saving lives, it's about forcing every living soul on the planet to be vaccinated whether they need it or want it.  The question that should immediately come to mind is WHY?  What is the real agenda behind the push for mandatory universal vaccination programs?  As always, the answer is in the old axiom……follow the money.

If you look at who profits from a universal vaccine mandate, it is the same group that have profited from every major human calamity and war for the past 100+ years, now using a new and more effective way to fleece the public and gain control.

But this time it is exceedingly more complex than unbounded human greed. Massive population reduction and a consolidation of power now consumes the ruling class. Malthusian Eugenics and saving the planet from the human cancer currently consuming it has become the justification for draconian centralized control and a “one world” government following Marxist command/control economic and political theories.

The young communists that marched on our university campuses as the SDS during the 1960s now control academia, becoming the core of the Green movement during the 70s and 80s……and their radicalism is no less so today.  Smart Globalists have harnessed that radicalism to bring about radical changes in society that would have been unthinkable several decades ago.  Fear has become the flavor of the day, and Covid is the latest tool in the Globalist toolbox to control society as they administer the final phase of a centuries old plan to rule the world.

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