King Charles III ascention as Monarch to the British Commonwealth will have enormous and very dangerous impacts on freedom loving people.

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Guest: Mark Sutherland – Founder of Creative Hub Productions.  Movie Producer, Political Analyst and Public Speaker born and raised in the United Kingdom, Mark has been involved in the Television and film industry in various roles in the U.K. since 1992, making drama for the BBC, ITV and CH4.  Mark co-produced and designed a feature film as well as a number of short films.  In 2016, Mark entered the most important political event in recent UK history, producing and directing “Flexcit the Movie”: The Definitive EU EXIT Plan….

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“Nephalem are, by the most simplest term, abominations.  They possess both grace and miasma, born of both heaven and hell, and their nature is both angelic and demonic.  Yet, they are neither of the two.  Some nephalem chose their angelic parents, some chose their demonic ones, but the majority chose to be neutral.  And that caused many to fear them. For that neutrality alone is much more dangerous than any side.” Titivillus

The power of a Nephalem depends on how powerful their parents were: the stronger the parent, the more powerful the Nephalem will be, since he will inherit the power of his parents to a higher degree.  Nephalem are quite unique and far more powerful than any Nephilim or Cambion.  Regardless of how significant their parents are a Nephalem may even reach a high level of power that might equal or even surpass a True Archangel.  A Nephalem is considered one of the many beings to be even called a god/goddess and become a new creator.  As stated before, Nephalem are beings with the potential to become more powerful than Angels, and Demons.  And because of the high level of control over both Aether and Nether forces, the wielder can possess vast, but not unlimited, amounts of power.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marked a milestone that will have repucussions for countless generations. With the death of the Queen, Charles III becomes the King of England.  Why is this important? Because Charles, like his father Phillip before him, is a radical Green Marxist who is firmly ensconced in U.N. Agenda 21/2030 and the Paris Accords, including radical human population reduction programs.  Although on the surface he pays lip service to The Church of England and Episcopal faith, as a Green Marxist he is strongly anti-Christian and has openly professed his faith to Gaia, the Earth goddess.  As the Monarch of the British Commonwealth, Charles III will be in control of 54 votes in the General Assembly of the U.N. and, unlike his deeply humanitarian and centrist mother, will not hesitate to leverage those votes to advance the radical global green agenda as quickly as possible.  The British Monarchy under King Charles III will take a decidedly left turn toward a radical green totalitarian system of world technocratic government controlled by an elite few, some claiming to be of the Nephalem bloodline.  I know that some will say these words are sheer madness…………………until you do your own research.
Read your Bible!

We are living in a world that makes little sense to anyone versed in Biblical teaching and traditional American civics.  Federal law enforcement agencies are becoming rogue and increasingly lawless in meting justice; especially toward those patriotic Americans opposed to atheism, Marxism and the progressive leftist agenda.  Injustices that were all but unthinkable two generations ago have become the norm in 21st Century America.  Since the passage of the very unconstitutional “Patriot Act” in 2001 which created whole new standards for identifying enemies of the state called “domestic terrorists”; federal law enforcement has identified and labeled traditional American patriots as the number one threat facing our nation today.

Is this domestic terrorist threat real or is the real threat we face as Americans coming from the small but enormously powerful group of communists and Deep State bureaucrats that are currently in control of the country, and increasingly………the world?  Are average Americans as dangerous and evil as the current White House resident described during his recent rant in front of Constitution Hall, to an audience of dozens, on national television? Some refer to China Joe as a clown, but that would be unfair to clowns on several counts. First, a clown is supposed to be funny and there to entertain.  Secondly, clowns are never supposed to be full of malice toward their audience.  There is absolutely nothing funny about being labled as anti-American and evil for wanting fair and open elections in America. It is decidedly unfunny to label the slogan “Make America Great Again” as racist hate speech and an attempt by right wing extremists to overthrow legitimate constitutional government.  The mere threats posed by the Obiden Administration show just how far off the rails leftists and globalists in government have dragged our nation.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascention of King Charles III as Monarch of the British Commonwealth represents another very direct threat to the free world of sovereign nations.  With Commonwealth control of 54 votes in the U.N., much mischief will likely ensue.

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