In Past podcast we have referred to South Africa as the “canary in the coal mine” of developed, industrial economies.  Not only has the murder rate and overall crime rate gone through the roof, the coverup and outright censorship of anyone trying to expose this fact means that the fake news phenomenon is not just an American problem, it is a worldwide problem now that Marxists and communists have taken over academia, big tech, most national governments, and all media except a small segment of alternative media sites like ours.

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The world is dangerously close to the point of no return for free market economies, with a dramatic transition happening since the Second World War and the creation of the Dictator's Club known as The United Nations.  Although many thought the fall  of communism in the USSR and Eastern Europe was the beginning of the end for collectivists worldwide, many insiders knew that it was only a ruse to lull people into believing that there was nothing left to fear, and that a worldwide era of prosperity would ensue by melding different societies, cultures and economic systems into a hodgepodge of enlightened Marxist-lite political systems.

Nothing could have been further from the truth!  The world is a much more violent and dangerous place today than at almost any point in history.  Antonio Gramsci wrote of the “long march through the capitalist institutions” that would accomplish clandestinely what could not happen through force of arms; the complete takeover of free societies by Marxist intellectuals and their willing lackeys in government and the mainstream media.  Marxist revolutionaries are given free reign to riot, loot and burn our cities, while God fearing American patriots are targeted as enemies of the people.  Where have we seen this picture before……..not just once but time after time in places such as Soviet Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, South Africa, Bolivia, etc.  The entire world is being overwhelmed by collectivist ideology while most people stand on the sidelines in bewilderment, hoping for rescue.

Welcome to the dog eared pages of the “Marxist/Leninist Playbook” and a program of planned economic destruction and societal turmoil meant to uproot and destroy free market economies and replace them with cradle to grave command/control economies where all are equally poor and subservient to the ruling class of communist apparatchiks.

Whit the takeover of the South African national leadership by the communist controlled ANC government in 1994, the slide into genocide and despotism began under the leadership of Nelson Mandela and has only accelerated over time until being white, capitalist, and Christian marks you as an enemy of the State and makes your life irrelevant then expendable………..sound familiar?

The recent presidential selection of the Obiden/Harris Administration has opened the doors to the destruction of the last best hope for free market economies worldwide.  With almost unlimited executive fiat and collusion by progressives in both political parties, America is being “fundamentally transformed” into the last spoke of the big left wheel call the New World Order.

Although the 1994 South African Constitution originally guaranteed the rights of all citizens, over time it has devolved into the typical communist tyranny of mob rule, and the largely black mob happens to want to destroy everything white that is technologically, agriculturally, and industrially rooted in the South African economy.  As is typical of Marxists/communist ideologues, there is absolutely no understanding of simple economics and life under the new SA government understands only one form of economics…..PLUNDER,….if murder is required, that too.

Fast forward to Amerika 2021 where at least half of our voters are being called racist/fascist/homophobes and being told to sit down, shut up, obey orders, and get in line for whatever the omnipotent federal government tells us we must do.  That includes shutting down and walking away from our small businesses, isolating ourselves inside our homes, keeping our children home from school, and accepting (without question) untested vaccines to protect us form a so-called pandemic that has a death rate much lower that many strains of common flue.

Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic.

Wake Up America

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Dr. Harry BooyensDr. Harry Booyens is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning PhD Defense & Aerospace physicist.  He is originally from South Africa with a 360-year bloodline in that country.  He has worked in Research and Development in South Africa, the United States, and Canada and has won a number of awards for his work in both Physics and in Genealogy.  Harry describes himself as a semi-retired technocrat from the Hot Part of the Cold War.  He applies his lifetime of research and analytical skills to History and Genealogy.  His trademark as author is his combination of factual accuracy, solid evidence, and engaging writing style.  Harry lives with his family on the forested slopes outside Vancouver in Canada.
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