The surveillance state is sophisticated and expanding at an exponential rate!  Privacy is non-existent in this “Brave New World”.

For the social credit system to work within a fully integrated command control economy, there must be a way to catalogue every single object on the planet, and to then tie patterns of individual behavior and consumption to the human subjects utilizing those objects.  Please note that I said “a fully integrated command/control economy”, which is a communist, not an American, idea. This full spectrum collection of information can then be used to reward or penalize individuals for: political affiliations, lifestyle choices, consumption of food and other raw materials, travel, professional associations, choice of friends, and an almost unlimited number of personal identifiers.

The human scoring system developed for control grid technology is known as a social credit system.  Although many Americans may find it difficult to make the connection between technological control and communism, one cannot exist without the other.  Accepting a fully integrated facial recognition system is key to positively identifying everyone and cataloging human subjects in a command/control (communist) “social credit” system of government.  Strangely, a large number of Americans are choosing to fall in line with this totalitarian precept citing convenience as a reason despite the obvious loss of individual liberty.  This can be attributed to 80+ years of Frankfurt School Marxist indoctrination integrated into our public education institutions.

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Guest: Aman Jabbi – With a high-technology career spanning over 25 years, Aman Jabbi was at the forefront of video and camera technology in Silicon Valley. He has co-founded two video camera technology startups. If you have a camera in your phone, stream video or movies, he played a part in it…

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Meanwhile, insurance companies and investment actuaries have been quietly integrating this social credit information into their rating systems for many years.  High security facilities have been employing facial/voice recognition, fingerprinting, and retinal scans as part of facility access policies, while very similar military applications are being justified for national security.  A certain level of this intrusive technology was seemingly justified for security reasons.  Most participants were allowed to make this a voluntary process, or as a part of their employment agreement, but only when security was a high priority. Integration of AI (artificial intelligence) and very sophisticated security software with hundreds of millions of cameras for surveillance is a much more recent & invasive development.  Using safety and national security as justification for creating a police state is a common practice in totalitarian governments, but this is something recent and very alarming in a supposedly free society.

As computer technology advanced, new and very subtle encroachments into civil liberties in the name of public safety became a regular occurrence.  The Patriot Act that was sold to the American people as a necessary and temporary action to stop terrorism and enhance public safety, has become a permanent institution complete with body scans, “your papers please” pawing through your luggage, and 58,000 full time government employees in TSA alone.  Moreover, The Department of Homeland Security has multiplied the number of agencies and employees involved in national security at a time when politically motivated open borders and sanctuary city policies are castrating real national security efforts.  None of this makes any sense unless the plan all along was to force us all to live a totally controlled existence in a totalitarian system of international communism.

When we start connecting the dots between events, people, places and ideas that are “fundamentally transforming” America into a totalitarian technocracy, we must avoid the trap of seeking simple solutions like voting Republican or Democrat.  An honest look at how and why we got to where we are today can't possibly ignore the collusion between establishment Demicans and Republicrats in screwing over the American people, especially the Working Middle Class.  Although “that cat is out of the bag”, few people realize the enormous threat that this synthesized blend of individual identification and consumption will have on our traditional American society.

Understanding that government no longer respects or obeys the people, and that honest elections are no longer a revered American institution; one can't help but realize that we are nearing a point of no return as a constitutional republic and must act quickly and decisively to stop the bleeding while we still have the freedom to do so.

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