The storyline of the sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912 was reported as a catastrophic collision with a massive iceberg with the loss of 1250 lives.  What was the real story behind the sinking of the most luxurious and largest ocean liner in the world?

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Why did numerous eye witnesses report that the ship broke in half before going down (something not consistent with the reported 300′ gash in her starboard hull), describing explosions and other anomalies not supported by the iceberg narrative?

How did the Olympic, the first launched of the three sister ships of the White Star Line, although suffering from 3 major accidents that had damaged her beyond repair according to naval architects, shipbuilders, and Admiralty authorities, manage to remain seaworthy and economically viable for another 26 years after the sinking of the Titanic.

Why did Captain Smith, the captain of the Olympic, a man with a long record of accidents receive the much heralded commission as the Captain of the Titanic for her maiden voyage.

Do most Americans realize that J.P. Morgan had purchased the White Star Line just prior to the launching of the first of the gigantic liners, Olympic?  Or that the insurance claims by Morgan for irreparable damage to the Olympic had been refused because of the gross negligence of Captain Smith, nearly bringing Morgan and his White Star Line to bankruptcy?

The amazing expose' by Director/Producer Patrea Patrick of the shadowy characters and events behind the Titanic disaster will leave our viewers to ask; how little of actual historical fact do we know or truly understand?

We will learn from this valuable film how the rich and the powerful consistently get away with so much because they can buy, intimidate, or silence those who oppose them.  They can control the narrative because they own the people who create the narrative.  Although this lesson repeats itself time after time, we never seem to learn from the past that we have been manipulated and deceived from birth by those who ultimately plan to control and plunder humanity?

The story of the Titanic is a microcosm event in a world of political intrigue and historical reconstruction that brings to light a much bigger problem than most can even conceive.  Our lives are influenced and shaped by events and facts that are so manipulated and re-shaped by the willing lackeys and useful idiots from institutionalized media that we might never truly understand our dilemma.  Until we begin to face the enormity of our self imposed ignorance from cognitive dissonance, and begin to question all events that seem to shape our daily lives, we will never escape the bondage imposed by the self appointed controllers of humanity.

WAKE UP AMERICA, and face the reality of a world built on deceit and false narratives that will never change until we are willing to face our naivety and willful ignorance.  We must seek and demand truth.  That will not happen until we make it happen!

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This Week's Guest Profile (s)

Petrea PatrickPatrea Patrick is the creator of Heartfelt Films LLC
Ms. Patrick was born in Hollywood and inspired by history, the movies, and the sheer essence of Hollywood.  She has used her talent of storytelling and love of movies to meld together films and books steeped in authentic and captivating history.  From her ranch perched in the hills of California, where the beautiful views give focus and widen the expanse of her creativity and give her the peace and tranquility from which to concentrate and to create.  Miss Patrick has written and directed Black Start, a film demanding attention.

The electric grid comes to life in this documentary as Ms. Patrick takes you inside to see the cyber infiltration facing the national grid and shows us the Truth Lies and Cover up's that exist involving the politics within the electric grid that put our lives at risk, of which the public has been left unaware.  Most Americans are liberality in the dark about how easily the entire nation could be left without power for months or years.  Black Start is a film that shines a light on the subject.

American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness, is a film that connects the dots from the secret meeting that conceived the Federal Reserve bank, to the plan of big agriculture to genetically modify (GMO) our entire food supply, to the very censoring of our internet; this film brilliantly shows the path to losing our internet; this film brilliantly shows the path to losing our freedom.  Our way of life, our health, our constitution, and our liberty are all at stake.  American Empire has been called “A PROVOCATIVE FILM.  It makes you think.  Your points are made strongly.  I have to commend you on a very well- done movie.” – Oliver Stone

Offline, is a powerful film on the CME (Corona Mass Ejections) that have and continue to propose a serious threat to the electric grid.  The reality that CME from the sun, aimed at the earth will destroy the U.S. electric grid is will known.  Scientists declare, “It is not an IF, but WHEN, it will happen scenario”.  We are not protected for such an event!

Bruno Sammartino.  The film brings to the big screen for the first time the fantastic story of this famous WWW wrestling Champion.  Arnold Schwarzenegger became a lifelong friend of Bruno and reveals much in the film about Bruno, but especially the family's escape from Nazi occupation in WWII.  It is a story that everyone needs to hear.  Bruno, as a youth, witnessed the heroic efforts of his mother to save her children's lives when the Nazi invasion occupied their mountain village to us it as a strategic point to stop the Allies.  Bruno's mother's courage, determination, and strength set Bruno on a path as a role model and a hero.  Another great docudrama film, Street 16, is a true story of a runaway teen.  The award-wining James Dean Forever Young, a documentary for Warner Brothers was edited and crafted by Ms. Patrick who had a career editing many films before she went on to direct and produce feature films.

As an author Miss Patrick has written two books Ten Days at Jekyll Island, all about the secret meeting that formed the Federal Reserve.  The brilliant minds behind the plot that literally changed the course of the United States!

Here second book, Titanic A Perfect Crime led her to produce a short film that exposes what really happened to the ship Titanic as an exciting story with a new expose' of disturbing information…

Heartfeltfilms FaceBook Page
Patrea Patrick: Youtube

Movie – OFFLINE:


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