World Economic Forum acolytes are deadly serious about transforming the human race and will do anything to accomplish the task.

Anyone who still believes that globalization is the best method to liberate the people of the world is not only naive, they are dangerously ignorant.

The freedom to make personal choices is hinged on the concept of sovereignty, which cannot exist without the recognition of individuals.  Individuals may choose to work with other individuals for a common purpose, but they must retain the right to opt out should the goals of the group destroy the rights of individuals within that group.

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Guest: Carl Teichrib –  is a researcher, writer, and lecturer focusing on the paradigm shift sweeping the Western world, including the challenges and opportunities faced by Christians. His book Game of Gods Carl describes a world filled with a sense of uncertainty and foreboding.

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Our Founding Fathers crafted a system of government grounded in unalienable (individual rights given us by God) to reinforce the notion that government should exist only to protect the rights of individuals.

Although the much misused word “democracy” enters into almost every political discussion on American government, it was never intended to be applied beyond the very limited meaning of: individuals, through the power of their vote, entrusting someone else of high moral character to represent them in government, but only within the confines of the U.S. and State Constitutions. Government was meant to be “of, by, and for the (sovereign) people”.

Globalism is the antithesis of sovereign individualism and has always promoted bigger and less accountable forms of government.  Since the beginning, promoters of global government were devout followers of Karl Marx and the Fabian socialists.

The very concept of individual rights is repugnant to globalists including many of the U.S. Presidents for the past 123 years.  A century of applied international socialism in various forms from fascism to communism have proven that collectivist ideology is fundamentally flawed and cannot work unless rule of law is destroyed and despotism reigns supreme.

Modern globalists recognize collectivism as little more than an intermediate step toward the only truly practical form of absolute control: feudalistic technocracy.

This vision of world government allows a handful of the most powerful international financiers to own and control all the world's resources, utilizing a spoiles system to reward the useful idiots of the political and administrative class supervising their global estate.

The World Economic Forum that meets yearly in Davos Switzerland, is widely recognized by the global elite as the brain trust for future and current international leaders.  For decades it has produced highly recognized “Young Global Leaders” through WEF sponsored training programs.  These YGL graduates now sit in some of the highest leadership positions in the world of academia, media, politics, industry and finance.

At WEF conferences, Klaus Schwab and others openly discuss a plan to meld man and machine through a process called transhumanism, the replacement of human bodies with machine parts, and equipping them with AI (artificial intelligence) augmented human brains.

Global technocrats see this as a necessary next step in transforming the human race into a new species capable of living in harmony with globalist's vision of a sustainable world. They claim that this new transhuman species will demand far fewer resources from Mother Earth (Gaia), and will be capable of extraordinary physical work demands with limited rest…….perfect slaves.

They envision an end to the human species as currently configured by mid-late 21st century.  Through a series of brilliantly orchestrated and transformative events, like forced mRNA inoculation programs and synthetically modified food, new technologies and substances can be introduced into the human genome, making us much more adaptable to transhuman technologies.

Over several decades, This new species will become completely programmable (controllable) using nano technology and AI interfaces to improve sensory reaction times while eliminating many unwanted human emotional characteristics.

Only recently was something this space age surreal even conceivable, but for futurists like: Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk who pushed the realm of possibility into probability and even acceptability.

Yet to be fully addressed is accountability, which demands a sense of humility and recognition of a power greater than man that seems to be missing from the Globalist egos that demand subservience to their superior intellects and infallable sense of reason.  This is reason enough to put the self- proclaimed globalist geniuses in rubber rooms or before a 21st Century Nuremburg trial.

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