Regional and local planners are moving ahead full speed with Agenda 21/2030 programs that destroy private property.

To some, being just another drone in a mega-city hive is a way of life, to others it has become a virtual nightmare.

The hive planners that have surreptitiously created the conditions for urban sprawl, are trained to identify single family homes, cars and property ownership as the root cause of most urban problems.

Why; because Urban Planners are educted by Frankfurt School Marxists that copied the 1950s era Soviet Central Planning system, and were funded by progressives from Tax Exempt Foundations like The Rockefellers Trust to reduce and otherwise penalize property ownership……….except of course for themselves and their elite friends.

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Guest: Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.  Books – Agenda 21 & How To Stop It, Sustainable (The war on free enterprise, private property & individuals), Erase (a political thriller), Agenda 21 (The wrenching transformation of America) and The Activist's Handbook (How to fight back in your community)

Guest: Diane L. Gruber is a recently retired attorney that practiced law in the Portland Metro area since 1987.  She specialized in Family Law, Bankruptcy, Probate and Estate Planning.  Diane is a frequent guest on podcasts and is an outspoken advocate for free speech in an increasingly draconian media environment.  Diane is an advocate for private property and support for the rural lifestyles of farmers and ranchers everywhere.  She is a student of land policy and citizen advocacy of private property and beneficial use of land under private stewardship.

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Often those living in the hive are lonely and feel isolated, despite being surrounded by many others, infrequently forming close social bonds or even communicating with their immediate neighbors.  Psychologists interpret this social isolation as a systemic urban problem, while political scientists of the socialist ilk see this as a way to manage human herd instincts and capitalize on the natural human desire to be identified as part of an accepted group.

Although city folks talk about how vibrant and alive they feel inside the hive, few have time to do most of the activities available, because they are working long hours just to pay the bills.  In the hive, most become renters because the cost of housing is far out of reach for average wage earners.

Those who want to own a home, often move outside the city core to suburban communities where housing is more affordable, but at a cost; usually spending many hours a day commuting back and forth to a job in the city.

As we have repeatedly pointed out, Globalist plans for totalitarian rule hinge on the idea that individualism, liberty and rights to own property must be eliminated for the good of the collective, or more to the point, for the benefit of the totalitarians scheming to take down America and acquire all means of production.


Agenda 21/2030 is nothing more or less than a vision of complete totalitarian control through the Trojan Horse narrative of sustainability and sustainable development. Sustainability is firmly anchored in the old Marxist axiom that Capitalism is bad because free markets overproduce, so for the good of the collective and the environment, all production should be managed by the State.

This assumes that a single government bureaucrat is better at deciding what societies need than millions of individual consumers, which is nonsense.  The stupidity of this argument is obvious to those of us old enough to remember a system composed of innovators and free thinkers, but 80 years of Marxist indoctrination in our Public School systems have bred a multi-generational cadre of trained socialist thinkers with little understanding of free market economics.

Fear of environmental destruction blended with Marxist dogma surrounding private property and you have the perfect climate for state propaganda blended with utopian idealism to nurture a system of voluntary totalitarian control.

Now, does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

The lockstep Urban Planners are currently embracing a program called 15 minute cities, or walkable communities that feature stack & pack apartment complexes, usually 4 or 5 stories in height built over street level businesses.  The idea is that people who work in the businesses can live above them, requiring little effort, time or public transportation to commute. Hmmm, that sounds disturbingly like a Nike shoe factory in Communist China like those that install nets outside the workroom windows to reduce job related suicides by workers.

In fact, this latest generation of building types are seldom required to provide any off street parking and assume that the entire city is planned on a “zero carbon” matrix. The problem with planners is their assumption that their very limited skillset in aspects of planning a functioning physical environment provides adequate knowledge to solve complex social and socio-economic problems. Sadly, the actual consequences of their physical plans seldom address anything beyond the concept of space utilization and traffic movement.

Moreover, planners seem to amplify the “one size fits all” thinking when planning in rural landscapes.  Many trained professional planners may have never seen an actual working farm, cow, horse, or chicken, yet are creating rules and regulations that affect rural life, the physical environment, and non-corporate agriculture in profound ways.

Although one might assume that this recurring problem should logically be addressed; as planning shifts from local to regional management under the aegis of cost cutting and staffing problems, decisions become more draconian and less reflexive to local conditions.

The truth is that although many claim that the whole planning process is only a consequence of a rapidly changing technological transformation, much of this transition is part of a more sinister plan to monitor and control society from cradle to grave.

We are experiencing the subordination of an American republic of free and sovereign citizens to the autocratic rule of trained cultural Marxists imbedded in the planning and environmental cultures; acting as shills of technocratic feudalist overlords.  While using planning dogma to reduce human overpopulation, planners plan, but tyrants rule.

It's time to take America back from tyrants and planners alike. Wake Up America!!





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