Those institutions train the teachers that train the youth that will shape the future of our republic

American public education has transformed from liberal classical education to radicalized Marxist dogma masquerading as progressivism.

The Covid lockdowns and subsequent school closures in 2020 and beyond were a blessing in disguise for parents concerned about the poor quality of federally mandated school standards.

For the first time, parents saw first hand how little actual education was taking place in the public school setting and how most of their children's time spent in that academic environment accomplished little more than to remake their children into pawns of Marxist/Green indoctrination programs.

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Guest: Julie Quist – Child Protection League works to protect children from exploitation, indoctrination, and violence.  We educate citizens on issues that protect or threaten the safety of children.  We equip and activate parents and the public to reclaim self-governance, and to expose and defeat the cultural revolution in our midst.

Guest: Greg Smith – – Gregs working career was as a Range Management Technician (grazing) with the BLM in the mountains of Montana.  This was his first exposure to Agenda 21 programs.

Guest: Alex Newman – (Liberty Sentinel) is an international journalist, educator, author, and consultant.  Book: Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children

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What had been passing as a solid basic education under “No Child Left Behind” and “Common Core” was quickly exposed for what it is; a paradigm shift from scholastic excellence focused on individual learning and achievement, to group think, social justice training, and minions to collectivist dogma.

Without approval or consent from parents, federal and global institutions have been transforming American children from supporting free market capitalism to becoming little Marxists and radical watermelon environmentalists.

In the process of this “fundamental transformation” American has dropped from number 1 in the world in academic achievement in the 1950s to number 36 overall by 2022, with many inner-city high school kids graduating as functional illiterates and unable to do simple 5th grade math.

Moreover, this sad indictment of public education is happening despite the highest dollar spent per student in the developed world.

A “fundamental transformation” of American education started long before Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and, although they are the most outspoken advocates of Marxism & progressive socialism to yet occupy the White House; the process to destroy free market constitutional education started long ago under a series of Presidents that moved the process along at a less noticeable but steady pace.

Although most Americans are just now awakening to the reality of how very far we as a nation have slid down the socialist slippery slope, most still don't understand how it progressed with so little notice, or how flawed our basic educational institutions have become.

Traditional American institutions have always been targets of communist and global elites.

Enemies of American exceptionalism always understood that the power to control popular political thought and opinion leaders rested squarely on the shoulders of public educators and American institutions of higher learning.

Those institutions train the teachers that train the youth that will shape the future of our republic.

Although differing forms of public education have been around for a long time, state and local school administrators resisted federal government control of K-12 curriculum very effectively until John Dewey's progressive education reforms gained popularity in the 1920s and 30s.

The formal marriage of progressive socialists and crony capitalists began in the 1920s, moving forward with unlimited financial support through tax exempt foundations started by Robber Baron capitalists like Rockefeller, Schiff, Mellon, Carnegie and Morgan.

The Eastern teachers colleges and Ivy League Universities were the first American institutions of higher learning to succomb to the collectivist mindset when, in the early 1930s following Hitler's expulsion from Germany; the Jewish Maxist intellectuals from the Frankfurt School relocated to Columbia University and began to indoctrinate students, colleges and universities throughout America with their Marxist ideology.

This infiltration moved rapidly through America's institutions of higher learning until today; when most colleges and universities are incubators of Marxist dogma, pointedly censoring free speech and implementing political correctness that is an affront to constitutional law and classical liberal education.

With the formal creation of The Department of Education as a cabinet level federal agency under President Jimmy Carter, the wheels were set in motion for a total takeover of K-12 education by the enlightened advocates of Frankfurt School indoctrination.

Not only are the school curriculums being pirated: book, equipment and institutional supply chains have been compromised as well.  Where will it end?

One thing is quite certain; without parental involvement and the full disclosure of decades of incestuous intergovernmental /corporate relationships in K-12 education, nothing will ever change.

To counter this takedown of American excellence in education, a grass-roots Home School movement has emerged.  Home schooled students learn far more in 10 hours of directed learning than those in mind numbing public education institutions that command their entire week.

Home schooled children are better behaved while parents are re-learning their roles as responsible adults, mentors, and loving parents.  On average, properly home schooled children are 1 – 2 years ahead of their public school counterparts by the time they are of college age.

Americans must either radically reform public education or end it altogether.

The U.S. Department of Education's true purpose has always been suspect.  State and local teaching institutions are much better adapted to educating our youth.  Moreover, learning environments that deny free speech, impose radicalized agendas, and promote narrow political ideologies over classical liberal education should lose public funding and popular support!

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