What Is Transformational Education and How Did It Get In Our Schools?

Transformational Education: changes the primary purpose of education from teaching academic knowledge and skills to transforming the student.  Academic knowledge is not the core curriculum.

“Such a shift involves …our understanding of relations of power in interlocking structures of class, race and gender.”
“As educators, we are not purveyors of knowledge. We are designers and participants in environments and processes…”
Edmund O'Sullivan, Director of Transformative Learning Centre, Toronto

Who is the father of transformational education?
Antonio Gramsci

He wrote extensively on education.  He believed that the group that controls social institutions controls society.

You have to conquer the culture.  You have to take a long march through all of the cultural institutions and take them over: Media, churches, the arts, and especially the Schools.

  • Became popular in the 70's in American universities.
    – Radical subversion of the culture creates revolution
    – Father of “multiculturalism”: the “culture wars”
    Infiltrate/subvert the universities, churches, media, arts – Cultural Marxism.

What is the Goal of transformational education?

According to Gramsci, the goal is the total transformation of culture and society in order to create the world-wide Marxist state.
(In the book: America's schools, Chapter 4, “Antonio Gramsci,”)

“On Education,” by Gramsci
Old narratives must be replaced with new ones:
Old narratives: Independence day, Christmas, Easter, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Pearl Harbor, 911, Christopher Columbus, etc…
New Narratives:
Global warming, systemic racism, transgenderism, comprehensive sex ed.

Globalists, Utopians, socialists, totalitarians and the UN are using public schools to undermine freedom and Christianity – But you can Resist!

Alex Newman's Eye Opening Presentation on Transformational Education


Another method being used in schools is social emotional learning.

It's extraordinarily dangerous.  It is a total data collection system on every student.  It is intended to change their values, attitude and beliefs.  They have been trying to do this at least since the 60's.  An aggressive effort to change their values, attitudes and beliefs.  They have come at it with different curriculum, different programs.  This time it's different. It's not a curriculum, it's not a program.  It's a “System” being aggressively implemented.

Through social emotional learning comes sex ed, LGBT. It's all coming through SEL. It's anti parent. Social Emotional learning sounds good, but you have to understand the language. They are manipulating and incorporating this into the students everyday life.  They record every single thing that child does.  Every reaction that they have, everything that they think, every attitude that they have, the good, the bad.  And it's all on record.  It's all collected.  Who gives them the right to collect that data on our students?  It's a HUGE data collection system.

They target different things to certain students depending on what their thinking is. Many teachers think this is wonderful.  But many are starting to speak up because they see this isn't good.  It's total behaviorism.  Huge amounts of money have been poured into this.

Learn about social emotional learning in this short video


Sourcewell – implementing critical race theory and other programs into our school system…

Seeds, Avid, Social Emotional Learning – bypass the curriculum…. They are paralleling your curriculum.  They don't call it CRT.  They won't call it comprehensive sex ed. They won't call it gender studies.

What sourcewell does, is teach the teachers.  They hold classes and many teachers have been taught these principles.  The teachers take it directly to the students.
(Don't tell your parents, they won't understand)

It's not good enough to get rid of the superintendent.  You have to get rid of sourcewell. Sourcewell has a hiring list.  They eventually control the hiring list all throughout your state and these people are pre-trained.  It's easier for for county commissioners and city people, it's easier for school board when they need to hire somebody, sourcewell comes and says look, we have this great list of people that are already pre-trained in all the right things. We'll save you a ton of money and time, just choose off this list.

So you get rid of one, you get another right off that list.  This is why it's vital to know who these groups are. You need to target them and say – you will not take anything from these people.

The long march through the institutions is what they have been doing… They have been attacking our media – they now virtually own the lamestream media.  They virtually own the university system.  Now their almost in total control of our secondary education system and well on their way to controlling kindergarten through middle school.

This is something that is so diabolical and so evil, and yet they've done it front of everybody and they've done it in a way that most people haven't even recognized it.  They think they are doing good with social justice and all this other nonsense, when in fact what it's doing is replacing our constitutional conservative form of government with cultural Marxism.

This is a project that has been going on since the Frankfurt school took over our university systems starting in the 1930's.  The UN has been controlling the education system.

They are going after our children.  It's the same thing that Hitler did.  It's the same thing that Stalin did.   It's the same thing that Mao did.  They go after the children because they know if they can get the minds of the children, they can really destroy the parents.  They want to take over the entire system and know that the best way to do that is to go after the young people that are going to be the future of our country.

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