You may think that we are witnessing one of the most feckless and incompetent presidencies in U.S. history, yet the mainstream controlled media raves about the high job approval ratings that China Joe is receiving from the American people for the fantastic job that he is doing as President.

WHAT……..are we living in a parallel universe or are many Americans actually stupid enough to believe that fabricated nonsense?  The controlled mainstream media while ignoring his constant gafs, refer to his dimwitted ramblings as brilliant oratory and signs of his extraordinary gifts of leadership; not mentioning the dementia or the cognitive impairment obvious to most thinking Americans.

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Guests: Thomas McInerney, Lieutenant General, USAF (ret)
    Joseph Arbuckle, Major General(ret)
Bill Coate, Colonel USMC (ret)
Alan Jones & Mary Fanning

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Leftist toady Chris Wallace called his stumbling and lackluster Inaugural Address the greatest Presidential speech since Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg Address.  It has become quite clear to all those who choose to see, that the American mainstream media and social media giants are sold out to the Marxist-centric New World Order agenda and will willingly join in to sing America's swansong to the highest bidder, which is communist China.

Those with eyes are seeing little or no visible leadership at the national level, while most state and local leaders continue to play footsie and comply with some of the most unconstitutional policies and government mandates ever imposed on Americans.  Consequently, our wonderful republic is being pulled apart at the seams while average Americans stand around with blank looks wondering when the next shoe will drop….and what that shoe will look like.

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The Afghanistan debacle has shown in undeniable ways that White House resident China Joe Obiden is completely incompetent, playing second fiddle to the CCP as American prestige vanishes.  Our allies watch in disbelief as 20 years of international sacrifice goes up in smoke.  World leaders are unaccustomed to the level of vassalage being displayed by our unduly elected leader as he bows to the demands of a 7th century culture of radicalized goat herders now in possession of a treasure trove of sophisticated weapons left behind during America's hasty retreat.

America shelled out over 3 trillion dollars, forfeited the lives of nearly 2,500 of our finest, with another 20,000 wounded, countless disabilities, and a legacy of permanently destroyed psyches during this 20 year experiment in nation building…..for what?  China Joe has given the Red Chinese the nod to walk right in and control the unlimited mineral resources of yet another nation on the world stage.  His cognitively challenged and feckless response to this international tragedy will only embolden an already brutish Chinese communist regime to accelerate it's plan to invade Taiwan and rule the civilized world with totalitarian technocracy, using technology and intellectual property stolen or grifted from America.

Meanwhile, the progressive socialists in charge of the D.C. swamp attack anyone who questions their authority to totally control our lives.  According to them, domestic terrorists are now the number 1 threat to our “democracy”.  And, although ANTIFA and BLM have spent the last 15 months destroying our cities, chanting Marxist slogans, fomenting unwarranted racial chaos, and burning the Stars and Stripes; Trump supporters and patriotic middle class Americans are the folks being labeled by these “progressive scum” as domestic terrorists.  Social media/internet bans and censorship has run amok, silencing anyone who has the audacity to speak out about the destruction of America from within by these Marxist twits.

Using the Covid plandemic as an excuse for nearly total lockdowns of small businesses and the destruction of America's economic rebound under Trump, we spent the past 18 months being conditioned to live in constant fear of a CCP manufactured virus unleashed to create a “new normal” that coincidentally mirrors Klaus Schwab's Great Reset and AOC's Green New Deal.  

Under this “new normal” basic freedoms like travel and where/how you choose to live will be eliminated and replaced by totalitarian government control of every aspect of your life from cradle to grave.  Something as simple as determining what substances are injected into your body will become government choices rather than personal choices……with that tyranny ends personal freedom and any semblance of the American vision of life, liberty and property.  Welcome to the New World (dis)Order envisioned by the power elite for the past 2 century's; it will totally control your lives very, very soon.

Although you may think that China Joe is cognitively challenged (which he is), he is following a very carefully crafted game plan being managed behind the scenes by dovout Marxist Barack Obama who (following Dick Cheney's lead during the Bush II Administration) is the true Democratic leader and power behind the throne; in reality unconstitutionally serving his 3rd term using a dim witted shill as his front man.

China Joe Obiden's contribution to the final and complete collapse of the United States of America will be his legacy for the New World Order…….UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER, and playing the fool for the power elite and Barack Hussein Obama.


Wake Up America

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