The left/right paradigm is used as a mechanism to manage society through a false sense that we can “throw the bums out” to make things better.!

When we try to identify heros and villians from the American political class, it always seems to end with the same tired partisan arguments about key Democrat and Republican differences. Fox talk show host Shawn Hannity has turned partisan politics into a fine art with his “Republicans good – Democrats bad” diatribes. He is not alone, but most mainstream news outlets preach the opposite gospel.

When we turn over the rocks to expose the creatures under them, we find that although there might be a minor political difference, most are on board with government control and progressive ideology. In fact, most Establishment Republicans are as dangerous to Americans as the Marxist Democrat Party, because they deceive conservative voters by claiming to be pro-constitutionalists and conservatives when they are not.

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The Establishment Republican Party is lousy with globalist Neo-Cons that are ideological fascists, not individualists, and regularly promote a form of “crony capitalism” that transfers power to international corporations, global bankers, and U.N. sanctioned special interest groups.  They believe in “free markets” only within the framework of a progressive big-tent ideology that cares more about campaign contributions and attracting liberal voters than about anything else.

To understand the key differences between Establishment Democrats and Establishment Republicans, we need to step back and reflect on the differences between communists and fascists.  Both are socialists, but communists believe in absolute government control of every element of society, where fascists believe in a forced marriage between government and business with elements of private ownership kept under strict government control.

Under fascism, government picks the winners and losers where communists make sure everyone loses equally. Neither is close to the system guaranteed under our Constitution.

High profile NeoCons like Mitch McConnell, Dick Cheney, the entire Bush Family, Mitt Romney, John McCain and countless others have done nearly as much to destroy our republic as their Marxist fellow travelers: Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; they've just done it in more clandestine ways. They play the game of good cop/ bad cop taking turns playing President as the America of our Founders circles the drain.

An honest look at the two main political parties give us little choice but to realize that actual differences are illusory. If you find that hard to believe, just look at the hand selected candidates that make it to the national political stage. Populist Republicans like Ron Paul, Marjorie Taylor Green or Donald Trump are rare indeed, and are usually attacked with the same visceral contempt by their establishment core that seems to eminate from the overtly Marxist Democrats.

A good look at the “never Trumpers” is much like looking at the soul of Establishment Republican politics; NeoCon fascists and globalists to the core.

The New World Order is the mantra of Democrat and Establishment Republican politicians alike; it's just a matter of interpreting how we get there. The 2023 Democrats are committed communists, believing in utopian socialist World Government run by technocrats for the supposed common good of humanity.

In their world, personal property and national borders will no longer exist and all wealth and resources will be shared equally in a very austere de-industrialized “green” world. They see unlimited abortion, genocidal depopulation schemes and re-education camps as necessary to save the planet from the human cancer they hate so much. This system will apply to all except themselves and their wealthy and powerful friends that made sure they got elected.

Establishment Republicans on the other hand are committed fascists, in favor of world government run by bankers, lawyers, industrialists and technocrats for the benefit of an enlightened elite, with society scientifically managed from cradle to grave.  Although they favor having a few more consumer options and personal choices under their fascist scheme, they support a system run by technocrats capable of managing human nature for the benefit of a powerful elite group of bankers/industrialists. Both parties accept U.S. control by internationalists and intend to cancel America as a sovereign nation.

They ultimately want to discard or totally re-write the US Constitution as is evidenced by their complete lack of fealty to their oath of office and mutual calls for an Article 5 Constitutional Convention. They both ignore that we are a constitutional republic and parrot the American system of government as “our democracy”, although that is the farthest thing from the original intent of the Founders.

We are left with few options until we end the charade called 2 party politics. The lesser of 2 evils always ends in evil, it just takes a bit longer for right/left paradigm true believers to understand how badly they have been getting screwed by establishment politicians of both parties. Americans need to have their come to Jesus moment about the depth of the problem and quit listening to any establishment insiders when selecting candidates for office.

You can rest assured that any candidate promoted by the establishment are selected because they will protect the establishment from we the people and are reliably pro- establishment; precisely why they were hand picked. We must give up on the illusion that America can be fixed if we just win the next election or get a few more Republicans in office. This will only cheat the hangman by a few years.

The system is permanently broken and the only viable option is to purge the 2 party system and drain the 2 million strong D.C. swamp of socialist acolytes. Anything less will accomplish little and only extend the long and painful death of America.

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