Hear the opinions of two warriors from across the pond in the U.K. on the battle between good and evil.

This podcast will focus on the UK and European awakening, gaining traction as a consequence of the hubris of globalist elites dictating to the EU and attempting to nullify the Brexit vote.  Current UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is proving to be anything but the independent champion of national sovereignty, repeatedly looking for ways to kneecap the Brexit movement and circumvent the will of the voters.  In a word, Johnson has proven himself to be a true “globalist”, part of the same rotten cabal that currently occupy most seats of power worldwide.

In fact, people from around the world are awakening to a very inhumane agenda meant to separate, slice, dice, divide and Balkanize humanity through a well coordinated plan to confuse and isolate us before we can identify and fight back against the real enemies of humanity; the globalist power elite.

How does the Covid 19 plandemic figure into the equation and what are the options for freedom loving people in a world dominated by greed, ideological extremism, moral depravity?

Free men and women have the duty to fight tyranny and must learn to JUST SAY NO to illegal mandates everywhere.

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Guests: Kate Allison Shemirani & Mark Sutherland

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I just returned from a special public hearing with our Madison County Commissioners on the subject of mask mandates and social distancing policies in our countywide public schools.  The Commissioners were respectful and open to the opinions of the attendees; a characteristic that still exists in much of rural America.

Although there is no doubt that everyone at the meeting thought they were there to protect the interests of the children, there is such a disparity in the quality of information in the public domain, that it is impossible to make rational decisions based on traditional news sources and so-called experts.

Frankly, that is why podcasts like Connecting the Dots are necessary……to provide an alternative to the lockstep propaganda campaign that exemplifies the lamestream media and establishment press.

The fact that free speech and public debate is no longer tolerated by the “mainstream” should alarm all who grew up recognizing the uniquely American right to disagree.  That right is now ridiculed and derided as “conspiracy theories” and “domestic extremism” rather than welcomed as healthy debate to ferret out the truth.

Did I mention that these same journalistic beacons of truth claiming that “the science is settled” are refusing to allow traditionally accepted challenges and testing for efficacy that was the hallmark of science for centuries?  Is that from fear that their “settled science” might be exposed as scientific heresy or outright fraud?  That is the obvious conclusion from this writer's perspective.

If you are looking for truth, you must learn to do your own extensive research, and for Heaven's sake, shut off the one eyed mind sucker know as network television that has been indoctrinating and scaring the hell out of the American “sheeple” for the past 60 years.  The networks were bought and paid for decades ago, and will only spin the narrative of their corporate masters, including their newly acquired communist Chinese masters.

The one very positive thing coming from today's meeting was a common distrust of the “sit down, shut up & listen” and “you must obey” narratives that we all have been battered with for the past 20 months.  Young parents and concerned grandparents are finally beginning to realize that the emperor has no clothes.  They are looking at the money driving the narrative and the motives of the bad actors funding the propaganda machine called mainstream news.

Parents and students are finally reaching the point of not-so-peacefully resisting the contradictory and constantly changing data sources of the WHO, CDC, Big Pharma, Big Government and other assorted miscreants trying to control humanity and force every living human on the planet to be compliant and fully vaccinated.

Parents have been scared silly with threats of run away pandemics in the schools on the 5-19 year old school age children who have been locked out, forced to stay home and quarantined for the past 18 months.  And, all this for a pandemic that the CDC admits by their own documents, has a mortality rate of less than 3/100ths of 1 percent in the 5-19 year age group.  This mortality rate is roughly the same risk of those same children being struck by lightning…and we are destroying their personal identities, social lives, mental health, and right to a good education……….for what??

This past Tuesday, film Director/Producer Mikki Willis presented his film series Plandemic & Pandemic II – Indoctornation on my podcast.  Mikki, a reformed Bernie Sanders Socialist, originally conceptualized the film as bolstering the Covid 19 pandemic narrative.  His inquiries and early research very quickly led him to follow rabbit trails that sent him in a  totally unexpected direction.

His discovery led him to his iron clad conviction that Covid 19 Pandemic was a plandemic with hundreds of identifiable trails that all led to the same conclusion FOLLOW THE MONEY and it invariably leads to the same power elite and their greedy toadies in government.  Willis and his primary investigative source, Dr. David Martin, have been ruthlessly attaced for exposing this diabolical plan, yet not one attacker has actually been able to refute the irrefutable evidence presented in their film……not one!

Do thinking adults have the right to challenge the dictates of bureaucrats and elected officials forcing their will through mandates?  Isn't it time to just say no?

Wake up America, the world is watching!Wake Up America

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