There is a clear connection between the Covid vaccine program and the Transhumanist agenda of the New World Order…

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Guest: John JakE Klyczek – has an MA in English and has taught college rhetoric and research argumentation for over eight years.  His literary scholarship concentrates on the history of global eugenics and Aldous Huxley’s dystopic novel, Brave New World. He is the author of School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education (TrineDay Books); and he is a contributor to the Centre for Research on Globalization, the Activist Post, Counter Markets, Blacklisted News, News With Views, The Saker, Rense News, David Icke News, and Natural News.

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During the past several months, we have been Connecting the Dots between the vaccine mandates, the unnecessary lockdowns and subsequent detrimental impacts on our economy, the virtually total control of the lamestream media propaganda machine, Marxist influences in academia, Agenda 21/2030 and the Green New Deal, and finally, the rapidly accelerating push for global governance under a command/control digital world economy.

Another equally important subject that gets far to little attention (none by the lamestream media) are plans to meld man and machine into a new super human that supposedly will have the best qualities of both.  This has been a dream of the power mad since Adolph Hitler and his dreams of a race of Ubermen.  Although his ideas seemed far fetched and extremely radical at the time, there were a small group of wealthy industrialists and international banksters “Power Elites” that agreed and even supported Hitler and his racist vision of a world of genetically perfect humans.

As racists, atheists and Satanists this Power Elite group were also immersed in the field of eugenics and promoted the destruction of any human that did not meet their criteria for acceptability through abortion and programs that reduced human fertility.  A massive sterilization effort was sold to third world countries when untested and deadly vaccines were touted as life-saving cures to conceal their real purpose.  Since the Power Elite controlled all of the media including television and movies, they infused society with visual propaganda called entertainment that supported the destruction of the nuclear family, promoted birth control and childless marriage, with no marriage at all with casual sex (hookups) sold as a desirable alternative.  They also promoted the LBGT agenda which virtually guaranteed childless relationships between emotionally confused people that were easy to manipulate.  Destroying the traditional family and commonly accepted standards of marriage between a man and a woman led to a further decline in societal cohesion and toppled time honored Biblical standards of behavior.

Furthermore, as technology advanced, the Power Elite's vision for the future went much farther than population control.  As the age of super computers, robotics and nano technology opened doors to heretofore unknown possibilities, the Power Elite used their enormous wealth and influence to advance this vision far beyond what most of us could even conceive.  Since they did not believe in God, technology became their new God, and they saw possibilities for controlling mankind by changing human DNA and using computer and other technologies to change the way people think, communicate, and work.  They saw things like nano technology and 5 G as ways to intervene and modify human biology, creating an entirely new race of superhumans capable of amazing feats, while, at the same time, being completely controllable.
Since before the 70s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man there has been a push to meld man and machine by the US and other military planners trying to create the super soldier. Great strides were made during the 20 year long Iraq and Afghanistan occupations to restore IED mangled US troops to some sense of normal life with amazing advances in prosthesis technology. At the same time, military planners were working with robotics and high tech companies to create a whole arsenal of new weapons that would allow stand-off warfare that no longer risked the lives of our troops. In this they were remarkably successful.
History tells us that technology is usually at least 50 years more advanced than the average person is even aware, mainly to protect the interests of military and other insiders that plan to win the wars…………….including the war against God and humanity that has been the closely guarded secret of the Power Elite.  And, although the motives of military planners may be patriotic, the motives of the Power Elite are decidedly much more sinister.  The military may want to leverage technology to defeat America's enemies, the Power Elite plan to use technology to defeat humanity and change the human race as we know it.  You see, the “PE” see humans as a cancer on the earth and since they are raised to be control freaks from childhood on, think that the “useless eaters” are doing little but depleting the earths limited natural resources.  We therefore need to be culled to a manageable level, and the remaining humans must be totally docile, controllable, and disposable at their whim.  Ideally, this new race could be part machine so they could do a great deal more work, consume less food, and still have some desirable human characteristics such as compassion and physical attractiveness.
The problem with this whole program is finding a way to get humans to voluntarily accept the introduction of machine and DNA altering technology within their bodies so that the process of man induced evolution can begin.
Hmmm, maybe a laboratory created virus called Covid-19 could be used to scare the hell out of people to the point where they would voluntarily beg for a vaccine to save them from the Covid bogeyman.  This “vaccine” could be made from a bizarre concoction of hydrogel, nanochips, messenger rna that has the capability to modify our human DNA while creating life threatening long term medical conditions for millions………but it has to be be universally administered for the plan to work.  That all these “vaccine” problems are completely ignored by the media, medical community, and government should be sounding alarm bells everywhere, but like so many things in this “pandemic”, common sense and legitimate scientific inquiry are vilified. Why?  Because these untested vaccines are for our own good, so sit down, shut up and accept the jab or we will force you to take them through mandates.

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