Are we finally starting to realize that most of our choices are an illusion, put there by a powerful few to keep us trapped within their system.

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The 2020 Presidential Election reached a new low in legitimacy, transparency and credibility to disillusioned American Voters

Big Media and Big Tech worked overtime to promote and cover up for an establishment lackey that was clearly suffering from cognitive issues, while waging open warfare against a successful sitting President that was decidedly more Populist than Republican.  Meanwhile, Republican candidates for Congress and Senate rode the coattails of President Trump into office, then abandoned him when it really mattered.  The true color of most Republican politicians is decidedly more yellow than red, white and blue, while most Democrats are finally admitting that they are crimson red to the core.  American voters are finally beginning to realize that we are being had….in a very big way.  The only question is, why did it take so long to wake up, and is it too late to make a difference?

The two party system is, and was always, designed to limit competition and protect the political insiders in a shell game that leaves voters with little or no choice in selecting the best candidates for elective office.  Third parties have almost no opportunity to get elected and career politicians have replaced the Statesmen that once held political office.  Moreover, the two party system that has taken over 21st Century American politics no longer provides even the illusion of voter choice and has become little more than not so funny comic farce, with the hand picked candidates of the Power Elite and special interests pretending to offer voters a legitimate choice for the direction of the country as they move us stealthily into their globalist technocratic utopia.  The establishment core of both parties have become little more than B Movie actors to mollify the masses as they herd us into their totalitarian nightmare, and they are not about to let an outsider with a legitimate love of country and our Constitution upset their globalist apple cart.  They would rather destroy our magnificent republic than give up their positions of power to the likes of Populist President, Donald J. Trump.  If we continue to follow their plan of electing the lesser of two evils, the Deep State will only get deeper and the Swamp will only get bigger……..the lesser of two evils invariably ends up in the same place; EVIL.

America is facing the greatest challenge of its brief but spectacular history.  We can accept the shame of losing the greatest experiment in liberty blessed upon humanity to Marxists and technocrats that have worked tirelessly to destroy our constitutional foundation, or we can follow the examples of great leaders and statesmen like Patrick Henry, George Washington and Frederick Douglas who were willing to risk everything to bring liberty and free choice to the common man as a small r republican government meant to protect and not provide.

We can accomplish this best by ending party politics and putting statesmen in office rather than political hacks hand picked by the Establishment Elite of the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Wake up American and realize that we have a choice.  If we are willing to think outside of the box, maybe we can escape the Skinner's box that the establishment is keeping us locked in.

Wake Up America

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This Week's Guest Profile (s)

Rick JoreRich Jore is a Rancher and Businessman from Ronan Montana that served for 4 terms in the Montana Legislature as Montana's only declared Constitutional Candidate, served his district with distinction and was known as the Constitutional Statesman in the Montana Legislature.  Although Rick was very determined to honor his oath of office to support, protect and defend the U.S. and Montana Constitutions, he was well liked and respected by both sides of the aisle and earned a well deserved reputation as a gentleman and true Statesman.  He refused to compromise or trade votes on legislation and everyone knew where Rick stood on every vote and piece of legislation; does it pass the litmus test of constitutionality?

Recently he announced his candidacy for the Montana Legislature, representing District 15, but refused to list his political party affiliation because it had no rational purpose or legal basis.  The Secretary of State, Cory Stapleton, refused to allow him on the ballot unless he declared himself as Republican, Democrat or Independent.  He refused to declare party affiliation and was blocked from running despite a flawless record of falithful service to his district and the state.

He is the primary private hatchery of Western Cutthroat Trout in Montana and travels throughout the State restocking private and public fisheries with the designated state fish.

BIll CoateBill Coate- Colonel USMC (ret) is a Montana native, raised in Forsyth.  After graduating from Forsyth High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He served four years on active duty as an Enlisted Man and returned to Montana to study history at Eastern Montana College.  Coate was commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps after he graduated and served in the Marine Corps for 30 years, retiring at the rank of Colonel.  After serving a tour as an aircrat maintenance officer, he completed Amphibious Warfare School where he became an intelligence officer in the SIGINT field.

He then served as Commanding Officer of Company C Marine Support Battalion, Guam.  He was the transferred to 1st Radio Battalion, Kaneohe Bay, where he served in company command billets until his transfer to Canberra, Australia, where he served as a liaison officer with the Australian Defence Force.  During this time he deployed with the ADF to Operation WARDEN, a United Nations peace enforcement operation in the East Timor.

During 2000-2001 he attended U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS.  He then served as the assistant chief of staff G2 MARFORRES until 2002 when he received orders to USCENTCOM to become the SIGINT collection manager.  During Operation IRAQI FREEDOM he served as the Iraq all source Intelligence Team Chief in Qatar.  He then returned to Tampa for a short period before he was sent to Baghdad to establish the National Intelligence Center.  He finished his military service as the Commandant at the Marine Corps Military Intelligence Training Center at Quantico, VA.


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