When connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated historical events, political movements of the past two centuries and their role in the planned (globalist controlled) “Great Reset”, we need to step back far enough from the abyss to comprehend the big picture.  Their transhuman plan for the future of civilization, is buried in a matrix made intentionally complex by the plotters and their journalistic and scientific useful idiots.  To not expose the diabolical nature of their schemes, while exposing just enough fact to claim that they were being transparent, allows them to hide in plain sight under the (sightless) eyes of the controlled media and their globalist propaganda organs.

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To understand how the many complex agendas are interconnected requires that we understand one very fundamental truth…..

We are witnessing the final stages of the battle
for the future of humanity; the battle between God and
Satan for the soul of every human being on earth.

Communists, Marxists, fascists, technocrats, radical environmentalists, transhumanist, and all other so-called progressive thinkers have one very common link; the belief tht God does not exist and that humanity has the infinte power to create and change society for the common good.  Paradoxically, this Marxist utopian theology is deeply rooted in their belief that the average human is little more than a modestly intelligent ape, needing total control by a select group of the specially gifted intelligensia that naturally rise to the highest positions of government science and industry.  Geniuses like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Al Gore and other assorted nitwits come to mind when identifying this group of the “specially gifted”.

Doesn't the idea that these “geniuses” want to control every aspect of your life from cradle to grave make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Even more reassuring is the idea that many want to control your mind and body by melding artificial intelligence, computer and machine technology, and other distinctly unhuman things into humanity “to fundamentally transform” society.

Technocrats and transhumanists refuse to acknowledge the existence of a human soul and insist that the future of humanity is totally dependent on science and technology that they mean to control.  Since God and the soul doesn't exist in their minds, there is no ultimate truth, and therefore no concept of right and wrong…..at least until they determine what is right or wrong.  This also explains why these geniuses have determined there are no longer two genders but now 86 possible genders, that all white Christian men are incurably racist, that self interest and capitalism is inherently evil, and that without their total control of the planet mankind will destroy itself.

In this schizophrenic/technocratic world, man has the power to become God, but only some men.

To quote Ray Kurzweil, futurist and head of engineering for Google Corporation “Does God exist? Well, I would say, ‘Not yet.'”

What is the Goal of Transhumanism?

The idea of unalienable (God given) rights that is a cornerstone of the American form of government must be destroyed and replaced by their system of technocratic, top down, aethistic, totalitarian control.  Individual rights and the ownership of property, including your own body and mind does not fit within this collectivist paradigm.  The idea of personal responsibility and acting in responsible self interest is totally foreign to this mindset, especially when you realize the hubris and personal arrogance that consumes their thinking.  To say that they hold most of humanity in little to no regard is a monumental understatement.

That is what is so incredibly dangerous about transhumanism philosophy…..they would prefer that anyone that does not belong to their “enlightened” group be eradicated from the face of the earth, and those who remain are transitioned from 100% human to part human, part machine that can be programmed to perform as expected by the master class.  The merger of biological engineering with physiological engineering through neurotech and genetic engineering – Changing the human being.

That might explain the inclusion of nano-technology, artificial intelligence, hydrogel and rna/dna modifying spike proteins that are included in all the Novel Corona Virus vaccines.  It may also explain why every living soul on the planet is being coerced and potentially forced into taking the vaccine, even children and those in groups at virtually no risk of dying from Covid.

If these vaccines are as wonderfully effective as we are being told, those who get the jab could not possibly be at risk from those who don't, and according to the Nuremburg Code created after the Nazi human experiment atrocities of WWII, no-one can be forced to be vaccinated, and must be fully informed of all testing procedures, benefits and potential side effects before any voluntary vaccine program can even begin.

To understand the transhumanist movement we must understand the ideologies and psychosis of the ruling class overturning our established civilization and remolding it to “build it back better” according to them………after all they are Gods……Right?

Isn't it time to start refusing to comply and to hold these evil bastards accountable?

Wake Up America

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