Our great republic is facing an enemy from within that would have been unthinkable even one generation ago. After years of communist indoctrination in the open sewer known as Public Education; with the support and propaganda from a Marxist dominated Mainstream Media, we have lost many of our youth to the ideology of radical leftists who have imbedded themselves into influential sectors of American culture. America has grown soft, complacent, and lazy. We assumed that our elected leaders would honor their oath to “protect and defend the US Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic”, spending little or no time as voters studying the candidates or the issues. Most Americans were too busy earning a living, accumulating expensive toys, or watching Monday Night Football to pay attention to the real issues facing America……..and the mainstream media were more than willing to provide the mind mush and outright lies that have become the nightly news. Our elected officials became more concerned about getting re-elected to their very lucrative and self important positions of power and soon learned that playing Santa with other people's money was the surest way to get re-elected……especially if they pushed the reality of paying the bills down the road for future generations to deal with tomorrow. They became purveyors of socialist dogma and gradually replaced rule of law with control by the ruling class, elected and appointed.

America went from a land of opportunity and personal responsibility to a land of false promises, victimhood and envy of others in a matter of two generations…….and our problems are just beginning!

We can no longer depend on a government of, by, and for the people…………certainly not to protect our lives, liberty and property. The government being put in place by the radical leftists will turn personal responsibility and self respect into a crime to be punished by internment, re-education or execution at their whim. It is no accident that the communist funded Antifa and BLM groups are demanding the disbanding of the police as they openly embrace riots, looting and community destruction, while leftist politicians placate and condone the most vile and destructive behavior as “social justice”.

Oath Keepers was founded on the premise that our Constitution matters and should be defended by all God fearing Americans that love their country. Its membership is comprised of men and women who took that oath to protect and defend the concept of liberty outlined in our U.S. Constitution while serving in our military, police or government. Their mandate is to “stand down” when given unlawful orders to suppress or inter law abiding Americans in times of national chaos. Isn't it time for all Americans to become Oath Keepers and resist the takeover of our republic by the dark forces of the radical left?

Wake up America and join the fight to save our great republic before it is too late.

Stewart Rhodes – is the Founder of Oath Keepers. He served as a paratrooper in the Army (airborne reconnaissance), worked on the DC staff of Congressman Ron Paul, graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana, and was a state certified concealed carry pistol and security instructor in Nevada. Stewart has appeared in a number of historical documentary movies as a speaker and producer, is a frequent speaker on constitutional issues and is a strong advocate for the revitalization of the militia system (made up of all able bodied U.S. citizens). Please join and support our nation wide effort to defend the America of our Founders at our Oath Keepers website:

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