How many lies and liars does it take to awaken people to reality?  Shouldn't we question authority that consistently deceives us?

The world of 2022 is much like the parallel universe theories that have been portrayed many times by science fiction writers, physicists and futurists explaining the concept of relativism.

With parallel universe's, absolutes are non-existent and realities are merely perspectives of individuals based on their interpretation of a world of constantly changing values, norms and mirage like visions of the physical world.

In other words, reality is strictly perspective and subject to constant reinterpretation.  There are no absolutes……period.  Murder, theft, rape, you name it, become subjective norms in a world that recognizes no absolute values. This is the world of relative humanists and atheists that promote collectivism and global technocracy. This is a world where lies and truth are interchangable, depending on circumstance. To live this way is impossible for rational adults with established value systems, but seems to be easily accomplished by high IQ nitwits and libtard savants. It is the world that surrounds us in 2022!!

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Guest: Kate Allison Shemirani  – is a registered general nurse.  She trained in 1984 and has a vast range of nursing experience, specializing in surgical areas, accidents and emergencies and NHS Direct.  She is an expert on alternative medicine in the treatment of various forms of cancer, herself being the successful survivor of breast cancer using a technique known as Gerson Therapy.

Guest: Mark Steele– has become a famous anti-5G campaigner and activist. He is a British weapons expert and Chief Technology Officer, who stirred up quite a controversy in his hometown of Gateshead in Northern England.  He is now speaking internationally and giving lectures about the dangers and heath effects of rolling out 5G all over the world, and how it is all connected to larger more sinister global programs such as U.N. Agenda 21/2030, The Earth Charter, Codex Alimentarius and NWO depopulation plans. He calls 5G a WEAPON TO KILL PEOPLE!

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Although alarm bells should be going off everywhere, many very naive people suffering from cognitive dissonance refuse to even consider the glaring inconsistencies between so-called experts and officials claiming to represent “the consensis”.  These same experts claim that science or subjective reality supports their views, often in direct contradition to what the actual science says.  Rather than face an actual debate, these experts scream “denier” and enough brain dead sheeple follow to make the phoney consesus appear to be real to the actual deniers; deniers of logic and common sense.

The societal buy-in of Covid plandemic propaganda follows decades of relative humanism and moral relativism taught in public schools and indoctrinated into our culture through television, movies, and social media.  The events of 9/11 and a steady barrage of fear were just the medicine needed to fully convert a society of tough, independent thinkers into a flock of mindless followers; and all it cost was 9 trillion tax payer dollars and a million lives…..what a bargain!

And, although at least several hundreds of thousands of compliant vaccine followers have died or become seriously injured from “the jab”, many in the medical community choose to ignore the real science, and demand total vaccine compliance regardless of age or susceptibility to the disease called Covid.  Many are completely on board with mandates of all kinds, regardless the medical effectiveness or legality of forcing individuals to do things they are morally and otherwise legitimately opposed to..

…and, something as trivial as the Nuremburg Codes are swept under the rug and called needlessly restrictive in the Covid frenzied world of fear, fear, fear. God forbid that Medical Doctors, Internists, Morticians, Coroners and Embalmers point out the increasing numbers of folks dying from heart failure and stroke caused by the massive blood clotting that surfaced with mRNA injections…after all, what could they possibly know or see with their lying eyes.

The new reality of 2022 is that God fearing Christians and openly patriotic citizens of any color, but especially white, are considered “domestic terrorists” while looters, murderers, and rioters of any color other than white are considered justifiably indignant peaceful protesters.

Right is now considered wrong, while wrong is now considered right. Thinking people worldwide are coming to an understanding that if it comes from the lamestream media, academia, the political establishment, or social media bohemoths, it is more than likely complete bullshit.

Knowing that, does it frighten you as much as it frightens me that millions of those who claim to have quit drinking the cool-aid are now buying into the lamestream media, Obiden Administration, academia and UN calls to destroy and even murder Putin? Doesn't decades of being lied to without end by these very same jerks make you think twice about chugging more kool-aid?

Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee. This is just one more ginned up crisis to deflect our attention from the real terrorists………international banksters, globalists, Marxists, technocrats, radical anti-humanist greenies and corporate fascists. Don't you think it is time to quit falling for the same bait and switch crap that has robbed wealth and independence for hundreds of years.

Wake Up America

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