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Firefighters and Emergency Workers for 9-11 Truth are learning the truth.

This week we will be interviewing retired firefighter and founder of Firefighters and Emergency Workers for 9-11 Truth, Erik Lawyer. Erik will tell our listeners how firemen and emergency workers nationwide are beginning to understand the underlying causes for 9-11 and how they were used as a pretext to undermine our constitutional guaranteed rights and create a police state society that would have been unimaginable a decade earlier.

He will show how the events of 9-11 have affected the traditional role of firefighters and emergency workers in ways that leave them and the citizens they are meant to protect in harms way and exposed to a new strain of violence and real terrorism that has increased exponentially since the 9-11 event. You will be surprised by the level of understanding within these protective organizations because of the work of patriots like Erik Lawyer and other that are taking a closer look at the political, financial, and military realities of the world since the 9-11 event. This radio program may change the way you look at police, fire and emergency personnel when you realize how many are truly friends and supporters of the Constitution and the traditional role of government.

Our guest this week will be Erik Lawyer.  Erik is a retired Seattle Firefighter who began to question to 9-11 story after going to ground zero of the 3 World Trade Center building collapses as a volunteer and after speaking with firefighters and emergency personnel that were present immediately prior to and during the catastrophic building collapses at the World Trade Center.  Erik heard accounts from firefighters that did not match the official version of events, and it caused him to do his own research of the official NIST report and the processes used to support that report, especially those that ignored all traditional fire investigation procedures and allowed the destruction of forensic evidence that could resolve the many unanswered questions. Erik eventually met Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, and began his own crusade to uncover the facts of the 9-11 event by forming Firefighters and Emergency Workers for 9-11 

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