The misnamed re-introduction of Canadian Gray Wolves into Yellowstone Park was a scam from the very beginning. The plan was to move breeding pairs of a much larger and more aggressive wolf species from Northern Canada into the range of the smaller and more reclusive Rocky Mountain Timber Wolf that existed in manageable numbers throughout the Western Continental U.S. Most of those native wolves were soon wiped out by the much larger and more aggressive species and we now face a burgeoning wolf population that threatens wildlife, ranching and rural Americans in ways that would have been inconceivable fifty years ago.

The fact that these Apex Predator re-introduction programs were the spawn of radical environmentalists like Dave Forman, the founder of Earth First, a group that was labeled by the FBI as environmental terrorists, never seemed to make Americans question the motives behind these programs, even when they should be obvious. The same groups promoting apex predators are also promoting UN Agenda 21/2030 sustainable development, population control/reduction/infanticide, world government, progressive socialism, gun control, and other totalitarian programs ad nauseum. When are Americans going to wake up and start connecting the dots??

Rural Americans are beginning to understand that their way of life is under direct attack and apex predators loom large in the plan to end private livestock production and ranching. One of the basic tenets of sustainable development is to end meat consumption by promoting a Vegan culture, moving rural citizens to mega cities, and returning over 50% of America to Pre-Columbian wilderness completely devoid of humans.

The same Radical Environmentalism that lobbies for unrestricted large predator introductions to our rural landscapes think they know what is best for humanity and they are going to make damned sure humanity does their bidding. Make no mistake about it, if these fanatics get their way America as a free and constitutional republic will be no more. We will be controlled from cradle to grave by political ideologues that claim to love humanity but see humans as a plague on the earth and want 95% human population reductions. The future is yours to decide, but you had better wake up and start smelling the coffee or there will be little chance of saving the rural American dream.

Robert Fanning

This radio program is dedicated to the memory of my good friend Bob Fanning, fearless fighter for integrity in government, the sanctity of private property, the exposure of UN Agenda 21 and the importance of America's farmers and ranchers in our economic and cultural survival as a free and lasting constitutional republic.




Chance Gowen began his career working in very remote regions of the Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains studying big game usage of various habitat types. He worked for Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, living alone for 9 months on a remote site on Kodiak Island conducting research on Sockeye salmon and Kodiak bears. This was pure research with no political overtones. He then spent 3 years working for Dr. Jack Ward Thomas on a ground-breaking, iconic study evaluating the impacts of cattle grazing on a stream. They evaluated water quality, aquatic biota, riparian vegetation and streambank stability. Jack told him “It's easy to design a research project to tell you anything you want; the hard part is to design a study so that the outcome will be totally unknown, until the research is completed.” He carried that lesson with him for the next 30 years.

Chance was fortunate to work with researchers that were actually trying to answer questions “how do we graze livestock along streams in a manner that’s productive for the producer and has acceptable levels of impacts on the stream (wetland, lake, etc.). He spent 7 years as a game biologist in Oregon and then when he moved to the Feds again, was immersed in exhaustive research on livestock grazing in association with streams and rivers. During an 8 year period he presented more than 20 papers at regional, national and international professional conferences – during that same period he gained an additional 120 graduate credit hours studying Wildland Hydrology under the likes of Dave Rosgen and Luna Leupold (whose Dad was the “Father of Wildlife Management”) – – Including being a featured speaker at the International Symposium on Ecological Restoration, in San Francisco – with over 1400 attendees from around the world.

Chance has published dozens of articles in Range Magazine (seen here with CJ Hadley, Editor and Producer of Range Magazine) where he serves as the Science Editor. He has consulted with state and regional livestock and cattlemens organizations in the Northwest and lives in northern Idaho with his wife, Karli.

Valarius Geist Ph.D. (born February 2, 1938) is a Canadian biologist and a professor emeritus in the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. He is a specialist on the biology, behavior, and social dynamics of North American large mammals (elk, moose, bighorn sheep and other wild ungulates)
He was born on February 2, 1938 in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, USSR and raised in Germany and Austria.
He holds honours in B.Sc. in zoology (1960), and a Ph.D. in zoology (1967), both from the University of British Columbia. He completed his postdoctoral studies in Seewiesen, Germany at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology (1967-1968) under Konrad Lorenz. His doctoral thesis was entitled On the behavior and evolution of American mountain sheep.

Since 1977, he has taught at the University of Calgary, where he is a founding member and first Program Director of Environmental Science in the Faculty of Environmental Design. He now resides on Vancouver Island, B.C.

He has acted as an expert witness in many areas, including animal behavior, environmental policy, native treaties, wildlife law enforcement and policy, and wildlife/vehicle collisions cases in the United States and Canada. He has testified on wildlife conservation policy in court, before Senate of the State of Montana and before the Parliamentary Committee on Environment, and Sustainable Development in Ottawa.

Wolves: when Ignorance is Bliss – Wolves mustn’t be coddled if we hope to balance them with modern ecosystems—and to avoid becoming prey……. Excellent story/article by Valerius Geist and a MUST READ!

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