Medical experimentation, bio-engineering, nanotechnology, transhumanism and the environment have become new areas of false flag influence and disinformation.

Dangerous new trends and breakthrough technologies meant to transform humans into creatures never intended by God and natural human evolution, go virtually unreported, while every unusual but perfectly predictable weather event wears the “Chicken Little – Sky is Falling” label of “man-made climate catastrophe”.

All the while, real government climate experimentation programs like HAARP and chem-trailing are completely ignored.  Worse yet; if you say anything to challenge the false narrative, you are labeled as a denier or a conspiracy theorist.

Then of course, there are the numerous train derailments, chemical spills, food supply disruptions, record drug seizures, Ukraine proxy wars….ad infinitum.

If we just think about all the unusual happenings occurring in a very short timeframe you might be fearful, but you might also be mindful of what they are trying to obscure.

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Guest: Celeste Solum – is an author, and former FEMA employee and whistleblower. Celeste has studied Synthetic Biology in great detail and will outline the plans for global technocracy, the end to national sovereignty and the Invisible Army that you can't see, that is part of this plan to control humanity.

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There are obviously agendas at play, and with them the well-being of the general human population seems to be at risk.  Rabbit trails are everywhere, littered with cash and obscured by political influence.

Government and Deep State controllers have weaponized fear of the unknown and hidden inconvenient truth.  The weaponization of fear is nothing new, it's just not anything average Americans have ever thought a threat; until recently.

Americans always associated the weaponization of fear with despotic regimes and tin pot dictators.  We felt safe from the types of intimidation that less stable systems of government seemed to shower on their citizens.

Little did we realize that even we were not immune to government intimidation and manipulation of our psyche.

Often it came in the form of false flag events to bring us into an unpopular war or shape our opinions of political groups and religions.  It has been repeated so many times throughout our brief history that many of us became jaded and cynical after a time.

In one form or another, false flags have preceded every major military action since before the Spanish American War.

You would think we would catch on after a while, but most Americans are conditioned to believe events as they are reported to us by the mainstream media and our elected leaders.

God fearing people can't fathom that anyone in such an important position of public trust could be so disingenuous and downright evil.  Moreover, this suppression of truth seems to run both ways; under-reporting actual events, and over-reporting staged events.

The Wuhan Flu seems to be back in the news with endless calls to jab every living person on the planet.  It becomes crystal clear that there is much more than human safety at risk when you peel the layers of the onion back to expose the bitter core.

The bitter core contains a cast of high-profile characters that are the essence of power and influence……but why are they there?

They are there because they grew the onion in the first place.  In fact, they not only grew the onion, they genetically modified the seed to produce something that only looks like an onion, but actually smells and tastes a lot like a turd.

They weaponized the onion with U.S. taxpayer dollars (gain of function), then invested billions to patent the onion and the also the cure to kill the bad smell.

But not just any cure would do…

It had to be a cure that make us infertile and fill our bodies with nano-chips, graphene oxide, mRNA, blood clots; meanwhile causing myocarditis in otherwise healthy bodies that will eventually help to cull the human herd.

Then they bought the Medical Community's acquiescence with enormous infusions of cash into economically distressed Hospiital systems, paid to identify and treat only one specific disease.

Consequently, all other diseases fell off the map, and Covid became everything.

Ramping up pandemic fears seems to be back, front and center……but why?  Are they signaling their next false flag event?

The UN climate alarmists are working feverishly to recraft a worldwide historically cold winter into a political issue that they can use to scare folks into buying electric cars and installing solar panels.

That seems to be wearing a bit thin with everyone but green politicians, pointy headed academics and their unwitting victims brainwashed at liberal universities.

I wonder if that's why the flavor of the week suddenly shifted to spy balloons and space aliens after decades of obscurity?  There is no limit to the stupidity of the lamestream media and their willingness to walk lockstep in under/over reporting real news.

In fact, we must admire their dedication to their evil causes, even as we do everything humanly possible to expose and undermine their causes.  If only we had that same level of dedication to our cause…….we might re-establish truth and justice!

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