Guest: Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos

● Certified in International, US Federal and US State Courts as a Digital Evidence Forensic Expert
● Certified in US Federal and US State Courts as an Expert in Cellular Historical Data Reconstruction (Cellular Triangulation)
● Certified as a handwriting expert in US State Civil Courts
● Currently contracted to provide cyber investigations, computer and mobile device forensics, and provide training to the Alabama Securities Commission in fraud related cases including fraudulent ICOs, online financial fraud schemes, and securities fraud
● Developed courses and training in dead-box and network-based forensics and data breach
investigations in various environments including Linux, PC and OSX environments
● Did penetration testing and vulnerability assessments on Government Infrastructure
networks and small to medium corporate networks
● Has contracted since 2007 by the US Department of Justice-US Attorney’s
(DOJ-USAO) to conduct cyber investigations and cyber and cellular forensics and collect, examine, investigate and testify in cyber and cellular cases for all federal
Cyber Forensics, Inc – 141 S Center Street, Suite 404-Casper, WY 82601 – EIN 82-2561188 – DUNS 080902944 – CAGE 7Z4P4
agencies and more than 40 state and local police departments
● Conducted over 3000 computer examinations and mobile device forensic examinations
● An instructor and course developer for the US Navy Meridian Base, Regional
Counterdrug Training Academy (RCTA) – Cellular Triangulation and Forensics course
● A US Department of State contracted lead instructor, course developer and cyber program coordinator for the Global Cyber anti-Terrorism Assistance program (GATA)
● Performs fraud investigations, network audits, and data breach investigations for corporations including Toyota Tsusho of America, DHL, State Farm and Allstate
Past Experience
● Retired US Secret Service agent and certified in computer forensics by the US Secret Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
● Technical and Physical Security Coordinator for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and 2004 Athens Summer Olympics Major event and site security for all Olympic events and physical sites including all indoor and outdoor physical security designs, implementation, and security management
● Lead Physical Security Specialist for three Presidents and three Vice-Presidents
● Developed and implemented countermeasures planning for explosive and ballistic
threats, and chemical / biological / radiation threats
● Conducted more than 100 fire and life safety assessments and evacuation plans for
● Coordinated the configuration and management of 50+ Presidential SCIFs Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities used for secure communications and meetings
Cyber Forensics, Inc – 141 S Center Street, Suite 404-Casper, WY 82601 – EIN 82-2561188 – DUNS 080902944 – CAGE 7Z4P4 2
● Assessed vulnerabilities and physical security weaknesses at over 500 facilities
● Lead investigator in the 2003 Northeast United States and Canadian Power Outage investigation the SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) systems and possible terror attacks on the power grid
● Supervised all 15 Electronic Crimes Task forces throughout the USA, which are responsible for all network breach investigations and network and computer forensics
● Cyber-Program Country coordinator for the US Department of State, anti-Terrorism Cyber Program and assisted numerous countries with the development of cyber programs
● More than 23 years of experience in cellular tracking and cellular historical data reconstruction working with Bellsouth Corporation in South Florida and in foreign countries such as Colombia, Jamaica and Mexico
● First criminal historical cellular data reconstruction case was the murder of Courtney Wright, Florida State Attorney’s office October 6, 1998
US Secret Service Handwriting Analysis Specific Background
● My training as a special agent in the US Secret Service included the obtaining and analysis of handwriting exemplars in order to determine signature validity as part of my investigation
● As a special agent with the US Secret Service, my primary role in addition to protection was investigations related to signature forgeries, fraud, and counterfeiting of FRN, Treasury checks, and any financial documentation which included a handwritten signature(s)
● My investigative role in these types of investigations was to identify fraudulent signatures by suspects found to be in possession of such documents and to compare true signatures of victims to false ones displayed on such documents
● While in the US Secret Service I conducted numerous fraud and forgery investigations related to counterfeit checks, forged signatures. This included investigation of signature forgeries of bank, personal and government checks; identity theft using forged government IDs, and forgeries of other legal or financial documentation
● While in the US Secret Service special agent training academy I was taught the analysis of forged and fraudulent instruments and utilized this specialized training as part of my normal investigations while at the Miami Field Office of the USSS
● Past Positions
● Director of Digital Evidence for the Alabama Computer Forensics Laboratory
● US Secret Service – Retired
○ Supervisor for all 15 Electronic Crimes Task Forces throughout the USA
○ Technical Security Coordinator for the 2002 Winter Olympics
○ Vice-chairman on the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE)
○ Supervisor for Technical Security Division (TSD) Security and Infrastructure
Assurance branch
○ Intelligence Division – TSD Technology Threats Liaison agent
○ Special Agent – Miami Field Office Fraud Division
● Digital
● Certified Computer Investigative Specialist CIS2000, USSS ECSAP 06/97
● Certified Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program (ECSAP) Instructor, 05/98-01/00
● Certified by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Computer Forensics, 11/96
Cyber Forensics, Inc – 141 S Center Street, Suite 404-Casper, WY 82601 – EIN 82-2561188 – DUNS 080902944 – CAGE 7Z4P4
Forensics and Technical Certifications
● Certified Network Investigations Specialist, USSS 11/97
● Certified Ethical Hacker v9, 01/17
● Certified by Paraben Corporation Level 3 Cellular/GPS Signal Analysis, 03/09
● Advanced R.E.A.C.T. instructor 2006-2008, Cellular Tracking Historical Data
● Certified Instructor – Oxygen Mobile Device Forensics and Call Detail Records Analyst
● Certified Instructor – Cellebrite Cellular Physical and Logical Forensics, 10/12
● Certified Cellebrite Cellular Physical and Logical Forensics, 6/12
● Certified Network Intrusions Investigator, National Security Agency (NSA) 09/98
● Certified US Army, Improvised Explosive Device techniques and procedures, 02/00
● Certified British Bomb School, Advanced Bomb Search Techniques, 08/01
● Certified USSS Cornerback – Cellular and Radio Program, Classified, 04/00
● Certified Telephone Intercepts, National Intelligence Agency, 02/00
● Certified US Army, Fort Bragg Special Warfare Center, Individual Terrorism, 03/00
● Certified Photography Expert – US Secret Service/NIA, 04/02
● Instructor – Introduction to Digital Forensics – DoS-Cyber ATA Program, 6/11
● Instructor – Fundamentals of Network Security – DoS-Cyber ATA Program, 05/11
● Instructor – Cellular Communications Forensics Course – DoS-Cyber ATA Program
Associations and Publications
● Former Vice Chairman – Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence, ASCLD
● Former Board Member – TSWG – Technical Security Working Group, Washington DC
● Author – US Department of State Cyber anti-Terrorism Identification and Seizure of
Cyber Forensics, Inc – 141 S Center Street, Suite 404-Casper, WY 82601 – EIN 82-2561188 – DUNS 080902944 – CAGE 7Z4P4
Digital Evidence
● Author – Cellular Triangulation and Forensics for Law Enforcement
● Author – Fundamentals of Network Security and Intrusion investigations course for the
US Department of State, anti-Terrorism Cyber Program
● Author – OnDEC-On-scene Digital Evidence Collection
● Author – PACE-Preparing for the ACE Certification
● Author – Digital Forensics Fundamentals Course