Guest: Mark Steele

Mark Steele – has become a famous anti-5G campaigner and activist. He is a British weapons expert and Chief Technology Officer, who stirred up quite a controversy in his hometown of Gateshead in Northern England. He became known in the media for the court case in Gateshead, sometimes referred to as “The Gateshead 5G lamppost scandal”.

He is now speaking internationally and giving lectures about the dangers and heath effects of rolling out 5G all over the world, and how it is all connected to larger more sinister global programs such as U.N. Agenda 21/2030, The Earth Charter, Codex Alimentarius and NWO depopulation plans. He calls 5G a WEAPON TO KILL PEOPLE!  He has been thoroughly investigating electromagnetic frequencies and radiation, and is now an expert on the topic, which has led media outlets and the local council to brand him as a “conspiracy theorist”.

Mark Steele goes further in his investigation and is connecting the “man-made Climate Change CO2 scare” to 5G, as a fraudulent billion Dollar control plan, and cover-up for not wanting to discuss the real agenda behind the roll-out of 5G. He is also calling 5G and the connection to A.I. – Artificial Intelligence, a spiritual war.

He is interviewed on various radio and podcast networks worldwide and is known for speaking candidly on a subject that many do not fully understand and are afraid to speak out because of the enormous money and power held by those interests promoting 5G.