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Reasserting our academic excellence will not be easy, but we have so many tools available today if we choose to use them.  Parents have to choose a different path for their children than business as usual and trust in a system that is clearly failing to meet the academic standards of a modern free market advanced society.
Our future as a sovereign republic depends on us to set new standards for our children and grandchildren in a world of uniformity and groupthink!
Are we committed to the task and willing to risk being labeled as domestic extremists by the FBI for protecting our children from Marxist ideologues? I certainly hope so!
American Universities have been transformed from institutions of classical liberal education to become incubators of Marxist indoctrination through a very deliberate process of infiltration and gradualism.
Subsequently, universities have become hotbeds of radical societal transformation that place academic standards secondary to social justice, global citizenship, sustainability, and environmental justice groupthink. Critical thinkers need not apply here!
The “fundamental transformation” of education did not stop at the university level. Modern K-12 public education emphasizes Soviet style work skills training and consensus, not intellectual excellence and personal achievement.