January 6th, 2020 was not an “insurrection” by Trump supporters, but the aftermath is certainly an insurrection by Globalist traitors.

OK America, are you finally starting to Connect the Dots between the so-called insurrection of January 6, 2021 and the real insurrection that is happening before our very eyes; wherein deep state/progressive U.S. politicians are dismantling the US Constitution and replacing it with globalist technocracy?  Don't you find it alarming that the governing class don't have to abide by any laws, while the rest of us are buried in rules and regulations that deny any form of independence and individual liberty?

Six years ago, we did a podcast titled “Laws Are For The Little People” where we proved conclusively that the ruling class live above the law; using money, power and influence to destroy anyone trying to expose them or are in any way impeding their progressive socialist policies.  Power and control replace rule of law, to the point of openly flaunting their ability to do anything they wish without any blowback or personal repercussions.

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Guest: David Sumrall (stophate.com) has spent the last year identifying and documenting the facts behind the Capitol Rally on January 6, 2021.  His documentary movie is widely viewed despite efforts to ban and censor it by big media and social media..

Case in point being when then Vice President Joe Biden was filmed at a CFR event where he openly bragged of using the power of his office to have a Ukrainian Prosecutor fired that was attempting to expose Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden's role in the company. It is on film at BIDEN BRAGS AT CFR EVENT .  Somehow the downstream media covered this up, and tried to claim it was Trump that did this despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

January 6, 2021 was truly a watershed event of epic proportions.  It marked the final transition to an America that will no longer tolerate dissent or the right for law abiding citizens to question something as important as wholesale election fraud.  The more we learn about the actions of certain police and government officials, the more we realize that none of the deaths at the Capitol were as reported by the completely sold out lamestream media.  The feigned outrage and political persecution against the January 6th insurrectionists is little more than political cover for the real insurrection taking place today throughout America and around the world.  Unlike January 6th, that insurrection is very real, involving countless Globalist and Marxist operatives that occupy the highest echelons of the elected, appointed, and bureaucratic offices of power within the U.S. Government.  For clarity let's refer to them as the “traitor class”.
Many Americans have shown that they will tolerate any violation of liberty for fear of being identified as non-conformist or subversive and therein are becoming one of a whole new class of sheeple that are making the new “Amerika”, along with Communist China, the most politically suppressed and controlled societies in the world.
These sheeple are the reason that globalism has moved so quickly, and are noteworthy for their acceptance of any violation or indignity to prove their acquiescence to any “higher governmental authority” declared or elected.
As a consequence, America has transitioned from a constitutional republic that thrived on free speech and rule of law, into a socialist mobocracy that tolerates only the groups and ideas that support collectivism.  The riots that plagued America under the banner of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA were given a free pass to loot, burn and destroy for nearly a year while the “several hour” long events of January 6th were called a lawless “insurrection” by the mainstream media and continuously re-sold to the weak minded sheeple for months on the 6 oclock news.
There is considerable video evidence that this whole unseemly January 6th event was a setup meant to stop the investigation and debate that was scheduled later in the day.  It appears that Antifa and anti-Trump forces may have helped stage the invasion of the Capitol, working with the Capitol Police and some members of congress to paint Trump supporters as radical despite a long history of non-violence, patriotism, civility and interracial harmony at countless Trump rallies prior to and since.  If insurrection was the goal, why were Trump supporters videoed trying to stop suspect black-clad individuals intent on breaking windows and causing physical damage at the Capitol?  Who told Capitol Police to open the gates and invite the crownd through 3 layers of barriers and right into the Capitol Chambers?  And what about the vbideo evidence that black clad Antifa agents were changing into Trump (Make America Great) garb in a park near the Capitol prior to the incursion?  There is just too much evidence that refutes the “official” version of events to walk away.  It's time to take another look!
January 6, 2021 should become “PATRIOT'S DAY” to recognize the desire of the American people to choose liberty over despotism and stolen elections. We must identify and support the many political prisoners within our own country and expose the traitors attempting to bring down America from within.
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