World Collectivist Government or The De-Jure Republic?

Today we live in a brave new world where words have been twisted and changed to mean something never intended by the founding fathers. Ideas of natural law and un-alienable rights have been morphed into collectivist and corporatist programs that have no respect for individual rights or the concept of a limited representative republican government of, by, and for the people.  Tonight we will fully explore the program to return to the vision of our founders and why our existing form of corporate government has taken us away from that original vision and opens the door to world collectivist government.

It was December, 2010, when Jean Hallahan Hertler learned of the lawful re-inhabitation of the American Republic and immediately offered her executive skills in the restoration process. Ms. Hertler multitasked in various functions while assisting in the foundation of the interim government of her home State, Wisconsin. Once the basic structure was achieved for the interim government, Jean began in-depth studies of the founding and operating documents of the American Republic, as well as that of Wisconsin from its inception as a Territory in 1836.

Ms. Hertler has also participated in historical research of various sectors of government, including finance and money. Jean pinpointed fraud while learning to verify and validate constitutional law, and worked with passion toward a constitutionally guaranteed republican form of governance (National and State).

In 2013 Jean contributed her writing gifts to the American Republic, having authored The Hertler Report, “Weekly Coverage and Reporting of Current Events, Issues, and Trends of the Republic for the United States of America.” Together with her husband David, supported and guided by national leaders of the American Republic, Jean has been in the process of writing the American Republic's truthful history in an expose entitled, Re-inhabited: The Republic for the United States of America.
David Carl Hertler has faithfully served in the restoration process of the re-inhabited  
Republic for the United States of America since early 2011. Throughout the first session of Republic Congress in interim government, Mr. Hertler served in the capacity of dual roles in the Wisconsin free State legislative Assembly as well as in the House of Representatives. He has been instrumental in establishing the foundation of America's constitutional republican form of governance in the re-inhabitation process. Mr. Hertler continues as an Assemblyman of the Wisconsin free State legislature while he also assists the Speaker of the House in the second session of Republic Congress by leading education through the American Republic's founding and operating documents in law while also interjecting America's rich heritage as preserved in the writings of early America's fathers and mothers.
In addition to being selected as jury foreman while serving in jury duty, Mr. Hertler also has experiential knowledge in representing himself in business in a de facto courtroom. Being told by a de facto judge that our original Constitution of the United States of America was “ancient” and “no good any longer,” as well as threatened with jail for stating the Bill of Rights, David holds a conviction to restore our country to the Founding Fathers' original intent with a true representative form government.

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