Hollywood and the New York media are trolls on the bridge to Liberty.

MAINSTREAM is the weapon we propose to dislodge the conTROLL GROUP.  – a film never coming to a theater near you!!

James Jaeger will join Dan for a discussion of his newest documentary, MAINSTREAM; and an overview of previous films bringing forth the TRUTH for an informed citizenry!

Previous Movie Productions – Available for purchase-Educate your friends and family

Letter to Mainstream Associates

Dissecting the Mainstream Media

James Jaeger is a Telly award-winning filmmaker who began his entertainment career at the Valley Forge Music Fair on THE PEGGY FLEMMING SHOW, THE CARPENTERS and THE SONNY & CHER SHOW. He later worked at Color Tech and NFL Films in Philadelphia……

In 1981 Jaeger founded Matrix Productions (later incorporated as Matrix Entertainment Corp.) which started out producing TV commercials and multi-camera events (featuring talent such as Tom Jones, Paul Williams, Chic Corea, Stanley Clark, Gregory Peck and Helen Hayes). In 1984 the company began developing and producing feature-length documentaries and narrative dramas among which were HIGH-TECH HIGH, OVER EXPOSED renamed SNAPSHOT BLUES (Monique Gabrielle), ECOSPHERES, STALIN'S BACK ROOM, GOING OUT, TESLA, FIAT EMPIRE (Ron Paul), ORIGINAL INTENT (Pat Buchanan, Edwin Vieira), SPOiLER (G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin), MOLON LABE (Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones) and MIDNIGHT RIDE (Ron Paul, Sheriff Richard Mack, Stewart Rhodes, Larry Pratt).

Join Host Dan Happel on Connecting the Dots

Tuesday's 9:00am Mtn/11:00am Est.

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