As more whistle blowers from the FBI and other federal agencies come forward to expose the level of upper echelon agency corruption, it becomes clear that the “fundamental transformation” of America that Barrack Obama promised had a much deeper meaning than most Americans could realize at the time.  Many of his top appointees in government and the military were openly Marxist in their political leanings and others were so badly compromised that they were quite controllable by a Marxist President.  That's not to say that Obama was the first President to steer us in a decidedly socialistic direction; it had been happening for well over 100 years.  The difference is by degree and timing.

The “shadow government” has had significant presence for much of our existence as a nation.  Money = power = influence = corruption = control; a very simple formula to define how the total sellout of the political process happened. Big business, big banking and special interests have bought and paid for the U.S. political system with the willing help of the useful idiots and high I.Q. nitwits of the left.  The America that we all thought we knew has ceased to exist.  The question is whether it might somehow be brought back to life?

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The 2016 Presidential election was supposed to be a slam dunk for the heir apparent; Hillary Clinton.  After 25 years with the CIA honing the business of computerized voting, the systems were in place to control the outcome of any election by subtle manipulation of computer programs and tabulation algorithms.  Hillary Clinton's role as President was to finalize the “fundamental transformation” of America into full blown socialism under a fully functional world government………at least that was the plan.

Many Americans did not like the direction of the country under Obama, and began to understand that we were heading down the wrong path.  Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump had a message that denied the self hating theme of the leftists and spoke of a return to America's greatness.  That message made sense to a majority of patriotic Americans.  Despite a daily barrage of anti-Trump pro-Clinton garbage spewing from the lamestream and social media, and an enormous effort from FBI & other Deep State players, Trump's message resounded with enough Americans to overcome the significant vote manipulation meant to guarantee Clinton the White House.  Although the fix was in, it was not enough to deny Trump the election.

However, that was only the beginning of another very ugly saga in American history. 100 + years and trillions of dollars of Globalist planning and manipulation could not be allowed to be lost to a political upstart like Donald Trump and those MAGA Troglodytes that chant “America First”.  The globalists were all-so-close to their technocratic system of controls that could manage and cull humanity at their whim forever.

The Deep State gloves were off and all sense of decorum or civility was left at the door to the deep state swamp.  They must rid themselves of this menace to their cause of One World Government.  They must find a way to demonize and discredit this man to the point that no-one would want to follow him anywhere.  They tried just about everything legally and illegally to destroy him to no avail.

Trump was a businessman and not a politician; something that was a strength, but also a weakness in understanding his deep state enemies.  With a full-blown Marxist Democratic Party and RINO (country club socialist) Republican Party in control of Congress and the leftists controlling the upper echelon of the massive Administrative State and Military Industrial Complex, real change was unlikely.

Even with these enormous handicaps, Trump managed to breath life back into our dying economy and brought prestige back into America's foreign policy.  He throttled back communist Chinese influence around the world and worked to cut through many environmental shackles that did little but destroy American sovereignty.  He reduced American dependence on fossil fuels and made us a net exporter, despite a massive effort by environmental special interests intent on destroying our entire oil and gas industry.  He did this while cutting U.S. emissions by 15% in 4 short years.

A re-election of this menace to globalism could spell the end of “THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The 2020 Presidential Election must stop this insane return to a free and prosperous sovereign American society forever.

This time there would be no mistakes!  The fix must be so total that no way, no how, could Trump be returned to office.  And if anyone questions how a heretofore quite unpopular lifelong political hack of the left campaigning from his basement in Delaware while suffering from advanced dementia, could possibly get 20 million more votes than the great Obama, well, we will just label them as domestic terrorists and silence them with FBI and IRS threats and raids.  Quite simple really! Welcome to the New World Order!


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