911  Revisited and The Patriot Act

The History of Terrorism as a Transforming Event

Terrorism has become the focus of much of our political energy and national resources since the events of 9/11, and the more we do to fight terrorism, the farther we seem to drift from a solution. We are now in our fifteenth year of a war on terror that should have been over in three months, and the Middle East is more unstable than it has ever been before. Radical Islam is now the number one threat for many European countries.

What caused this breakdown in leadership and the faulty logic that has led us into a bloody and enormously costly war on terror that appears to have no end? How could a ragged band of Islamic radicals become the greatest danger facing an increasingly unstable world, and the greatest superpower in world history become embroiled in a never ending war on terror that has cost trillions of dollars and led to an incalculable loss of personal liberty under the Patriot Act?
We will explore the history, economics, and political implications of the war on terror through the eyes of an investigative journalist who has spent much of the past 15 years trying to understand the implications of 9/11 and what we must do to right our ship of state. Please join us for this important radio program.

Christopher BollynChristopher Bollyn was born in Chicago and grew up during the 1960’s in suburban Schaumburg, Illinois. He was raised in an educated middle class family. He delivered newspapers before school and became an Eagle Scout at age 15. He served as an altar boy in the Episcopalian Church and earned the God and Country award.

His father, Albert, grew up in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood and graduated with a degree in journalism from University of Illinois after serving the Army Corps of Engineers in Germany. Christopher’s father was his first proofreader and editor. Albert Bollyn owned an interior decoration business and enjoyed acting in the theatre guild.
After graduating from high school, Christopher traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East. For several winters he lived and studied in Oslo, Norway. In spring he would cycle across Europe and the Near East. In Norway, he lived with an erudite Swedish countess and studied Middle Eastern history and Semitic languages at the University of Oslo.
Christopher returned to the United States in the late 1970s and began studies at the University of California at Davis. He has a degree in history from U.C. Santa Cruz. His emphasis was on Palestine/Israel. His last year of university was spent in Norway, Greece, and the newly liberated Baltic States where he researched the psychological effects of the Soviet occupation on the native population.

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