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Recent elections in the UK, Europe, South America and elsewhere around the world indicate an awakening to the perils of globalism.

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It's been a long time in the making, but finally the socialist governments in control of Europe and the UK are beginning to lose their grasp on the hearts and souls of the many people soft on socialism and the cradle to grave control that comes with the territory.

Although socialism appeals to many folks not terribly keen on hard work, thrift and personal responsibility; as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously said; “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money”.

It's beginning to look like the U.K. bureaucrats are finally running out of other people's money, and now that many of the ever expanding welfare state parasites aren't even from the same continent, some of the native born are beginning to question the wisdom of limitless liberalism.

Entire native born populations are becoming ethnic minorities in their rush to Islamify Europe and many Europeans are beginning to see the wisdom of common sense immigration policies………although a little too late.

The recent election of Nigel Farage to Parliament is only the opening salvo of a much bigger battle for the hearts and minds of Brits that are beginning to see behind the lie of “living on OTHER PEOPLE's MONEY”.

Combine an ever expanding welfare state with radical environmentalism that seeks to end entire industrial economies and replace humans with robots that can work 24/7/365 without a single labor strike….what could possibly go wrong!

Proponents of globalism seldom look beyond their rose colored glasses, but reality has a way of slapping a little common sense into even the most addle-minded when the money runs out, and even committed globalists know that eventually there will come a day of reckoning.

That day of reckoning appears to be right around the corner.

The globalists seek ways to limit consumption of “limited resources” but don't seem to mind opening the borders to a rabble of very poor and radicalized individuals that don't know the meaning of birth control or national pride.

Things have been spinning out of control for the past several decades because average people refused to take responsibility for controlling their own governments and allowed the EU to end local decision making by replacing elected legislators with professional bureaucrats.

That's how the whole Brexit movement got started in the first place and the globalists have been trying to undo the consequences ever since. Globalism is an idea who's time has come………………hopefully to an end!

If you wish to hear about the greatness and majesty of our American republic, don't expect to get it from an American progressive member of the Demican/Republicrat Uniparty elected or appointed political class.

They are more likely to tell you that our founding fathers were nothing more than a collection of privileged white racist, bigoted homophobes who destroyed all that was good and left us a legacy of oppression to be treated with total contempt.

They will tell you about all the wonderful promises of utopian socialism and how fairness can only be achieved when you give the power to an omnipotent paternal government to take from some to give to others until they achieve a perfect society.

They will not tell you that their schemes are designed to end private property, personal choice and the right to live free of control by unelected bureaucrats.

They studiously avoid the subject of totalitarian global government that is rushing at us at light speed because of their idiotic Marxist policies.

They refuse to tell you that they think American economic success needs to taken away and distributed to the rest of the world.

Those folks who have lived around the world under socialism or communism are much more likely to defend American exceptionalism than many Americans who take for granted the rights guaranteed under the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, or Bill of Rights.

Decades of socialist education and media control have dumbed down many Americans to the point where they know virtually nothing about our history, basic economics, or political theory.

And, although collectivism has failed wherever it's tried, there are no end to those who seem to love the idea of giving decision making power to a cadre of professional central planners and bureaucrats.

I guess the power to decide for yourself and be responsible for those decisions is a bit too much for some folks that never got fully weaned from their Mother's breast.

Too bad that the power elite that control the banks and most economic activities understand that mentality so well and know how to milk it for all it's worth.

Apparently there is still a significant remnant around the world that seeks personal responsibility and has stirred up a sizeable resistance movement in the UK and Europe that plan to challenge utopian socialism and world government.

Maybe it's time for Americans to join the freedom parade.