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America is being “fundamentally transformed” from a sovereign nation functioning as a constitutional republic to just another progressive Marxist cog on the wheel of Globalism.

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Guest: Joseph Occhipinti is a native New Yorker where his desire to be involved in community service led him to a career in law enforcement. Framed!: I Never Stood a Chance

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The Puppet Masters learned long ago that the best way to control public perception is through capture of our most trusted institutions; thereby installing a hierarchy of leaders willing to conform to perverse ideologies in exchange for money and power.

Once those leaders are in place, controlling public opinion through manipulation/censorship becomes “easy peasy”.

This malignant formula to gain control of society has worked almost flawlessly since the beginning of time.

Americans have always believed that this level of institutional corruption was limited to totalitarian and despotic regimes controlled by tyrants; failing to understand that tyrants can evolve from within our midst.

Believing that somehow we were above all that, we have allowed the capture of our most basic and trusted institutions even though U.S. history is replete with examples of institutional corruption.

The internet changed all that when a new level of transparency emerged with social media and independent podcasting exposing corruption in all institutions…….often at the highest levels.

The elite in charge are finding it increasingly difficult to silence their detractors and are scrambling to find ways to control the internet and social media through censorship and by lawfare through the U.S. institutions they control; virtually every noteworthy institution.

The problem with U.S. governmental censorship is that it only works when enough people agree that it's needed, and then on only on a limited scale.

Because of our remarkable Constitution and belief in equal justice under the law, most Americans don't buy into censorship, certainly not on an unlimited way.

The mis-named Patriot Act changed that in major ways very few Americans understood at the time, including members of Congress who ratified it almost without debate following the events of 9/11.

Following $9 trillion in taxpayer money thrown away to fight the 20+ years of the endless “war on terror” with a continuing military presence worldwide, fear propaganda is finally wearing thin; especially after an unpopular sitting President declared a new war on at least half of the American voters.

On September 1, 2022 on national television, from Philadelphia's Freedom Hall, President Joe Biden, in a eerily crimson red backdrop, ranted that “equality and democracy are under assault” in the U.S. as he sounded an alarm about his predecessor, Donald Trump, and “MAGA Republican” adherents, labeling them an extremist threat to the nation and its future.

For the first time, half of American voters were called “domestic terrorists” for wanting government accountability and for demanding verifiably honest elections.

For the first time in our history, being a patriotic American and a believer in equal justice under the law became an act of domestic terrorism.

For the first time in our history, concerned parents attending school board meetings to protest the teaching of Marxist inspired “Critical Race Theory” and Transgender Sports were put on the FBI watch lists as domestic extremists. Clearly something is amiss.

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for Americans to pull back the curtain hiding the puppet masters and recognize how far we have traveled down the path of global government in the name of fighting terrorism.

Especially since we are now labeled “domestic terrorists” for expressing legitimate concerns for the future of our nation.

Censorship and demonization is rampant in all levels of American society, especially in: mainstream media, academia, government, big tech, and the Federal Justice system.

Propaganda and demonization has replaced common sense and patriotism in the American lexicon.

Truth and justice have become synonymous with extremism and terrorism in the eyes of far too many Americans brought up on a diet of groupthink programing, sit-coms and sports channel entertainment.

Science, reading, writing, arithmetic, U.S. history, civics, and deductive reasoning/intellectual curiosity are no longer high educational priorities, at least in American schools.

They have been replaced by “social-emotional learning and work force training with an emphasis on cooperation, group participation and environmental activism.

Several decades of government injected fear porn has conditioned many to escapism and cognitive dissonance as a way to avoid the discomforting thought that we are living in a much different world than the one we thought we grew up in.

These will be the ones who voluntarily walk into the cattle cars on the way to the gulags, or line up to take their government mandated vaccines with nary a whimper.

Afterall, compliance is mandatory and stepping outside of the box will soon become a crime against the State….if we allow it. Justice is no longer just when fear and censorship become tools of omnipotent government, and as unelected bureaucrats become masters of our destiny.

America will lose her soul should we allow this miscarriage of justice and propaganda/demonization/censorship becomes the norm instead of free speech, freedom of thought, and freedom to worship as we see fit.

Any attempt to deny these GOD given (unalienable rights) should trip the alarm bells of all good Americans, regardless their political affiliation.




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