unelected, unaccountable, and increasingly uncontrollable

Over the past century the control of government through rule of law passed from Congress to the President. Under our constitutional republican system, all laws were to emanate from our democratically elected public officials as a guarantee that the people would control the controllers.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt permanently turned that process on it’s head when he bypassed Congressional oversight and began to rule by administrative fiat through Cabinet level agencies, using national emergency as a pretext.

New laws that were not drafted by Congress, but had the effect of law were created by administrative agencies on an increasing frequency. Today 95+% of all new laws are created by these un-elected bureaucrats appointed by the President. Congress has abdicated their role as the true representatives of the people, and now function as little more than political shills to the special interests and lobbyists that now control Washington, D.C. An entire new political class of un-elected administrators run our government and have sequentially taken us from a constitutional republic, to a constitutional democracy, to a socialistic democracy, and very nearly to a Marxist democracy in a span of just over 100 years. Our government has morphed from a servant of the people to the master of the people, and now controls every facet of our daily lives from cradle to grave.

Join us for **PART 2** of the examination of this process with our guest, Constitutional Attorney Harriet Hageman, for a continued discussion of how bureaucratic regulation is destroying the American dream, and what we must do if we are to restore individual liberty to average Americans.

Harriet HagemanHarriet Hageman

Raised on a ranch near Ft. Laramie, Wyoming
Attended Casper College – Livestock Judging Team
University of Wyoming Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Graduated from the College of Law in 1989

Founded Hageman Law P.C., in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Recently opened a second office in Lusk, Wyoming
All woman law firm
Practice focused almost exclusively on water, natural resource, and land
use issues
Extensive litigation and trial experience
Expertise in federal regulatory burden
Licensed to practice law in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado

Professional Activities:
Wyoming Business Alliance, Steering Committee
Mountain States Legal Foundation, Board of Litigation
Honors Received:
2010 Alumni of the Year – Casper College
2011 Doornbos Agriculture Lecture Series & Rancher’s Night Out
Featured Speaker – Casper College
2011 Wyoming Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductee
Numerous speaking engagements around the United States

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