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China's imprisonment, torture, murder and harvesting of human organs from Falun Gong and other political prisoners must be stopped!

Join us for a glimpse of daily life in the PRC to learn what happens when a Chinese family is forced to surrender their freedoms to an omnipotent and very evil system of totalitarian statism. If we fail to stand in support of human dignity, we shall receive none in return.

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Guests: The Wang Family
Guest: Kay Rubacek is an award-winning filmmaker, author, TV host, and speaker. After being detained in a Chinese prison for advocating for human rights, she has dedicated her work to facing communist and socialist regimes in their modern, global forms.
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If Americans continue to ignore the persecution of Falun Gong and other peaceful spiritual groups for harmlessly practicing their faith, the day will come when Christians and all other religions will be persecuted by Godless atheists willing to hand all our freedoms to collectivist autocrats who see no value in human life beyond the value of our organs.

The price of liberty is the will to protect that liberty with our lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

Without that will and the complete rejection of absolute evil, our nation and all others will succomb to the will of those exercising total control of humanity for financial gain or to promote their radical Marxist agenda.

This is clearly the motivation behind CCP sponsored organ harvesting programs using Falun Gong and other religious & political prisoners from Chinese Labor and Re-education camps.

Despite overwhelming evidence that such evil practices exist, American media and bought and paid for “fact checkers” like Wikipedia continue to ignore or minimize the role CCP technocrats play in this travesty against humanity.

The trade in human organs is big business in communist China, and who better to forcibly harvest organs than the ideological and political enemies of CCP oligarchs, the Falun Gong, for promoting: Truth – Compassion and Tolerance; values ideologically opposed to communism.

An added bonus of using the Falun Gong as involuntary “organ donors” is that they are often young and in extremely good health because of their naturopathic lifestyles.

To assure their transplant recipients of the lowest level of rejection, organs are often harvested from living donors without any anesthetics; guaranteeing the most ghoulish and painful deaths imaginable for the “donors” who are then unceremoniously cremated to destroy the evidence of their physical mutilation.

Multiple organs can be harvested from one victim, often yielding a black market value of nearly a million dollars in profit for the evil CCP technocrats running the programs and collecting their ill-gotten financial reward.

This highly lucrative clandestine source of funding for communist party leaders is not likely to go away without widespread international exposure and condemnation of this hideous practice by media, academia, religious leaders and statesmen alike.

Sadly, the CCP leadership have been able to buy off the controlled opposition in America and elsewhere without much trouble, exposing the mainstream media and most societal influencers as the empty suits and humanitarian sell-outs that they really are.

By way of example; the manufactured outrage expressed toward average Americans as “election deniers or domestic terrorists” for questioning the many 2020 Presidential election anomalies got front page coverage for months in our mainstream media, while the murder of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of Chinese political prisoners got almost none.

Maybe this disparate coverage of life and death issues would be different if the Falun Gong were transgender BLM or ANTIFA members instead of Chinese religious pacifists!

This certainly amplifies the small value of human life placed on those who don't happen to be supporters of communism or members of the global ruling elite's cause of the month.

America, you had better wake up and realize how steep the slippery slope representing worldwide genocide has become, and how cheap human life really is in a society without God or respect for your fellow man. Has humanity really fallen this far……this fast?

Are we that willing to sell our souls to the highest bidder?

Whether you want to admit it or not, global eugenics programs meant to radically reduce the human population are part of the “sustainable world” plan for Global Governance.

Globalist leadership is using the Chinese communist totalitarian system as the model for a “sustainable world”.

Within this model of controlled society, those who fail to swear allegiance to the ruling elite or exhibit a desire to live outside a police state control grid, become targets rather than beneficiaries of state power.

This example of the spiritual group called the Falun Gong who are routinely imprisoned, beaten and murdered for their belief systems, should sound humanitarian alarms everywhere; especially in America.

The ruling communist thugs have turned these harmless practitioners of nonviolence into a money making scheme to enrich themselves…….all the while destroying a perceived political threat to their police state system and reducing their perceived overpopulation problems.

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