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the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.


Losing Our Republic …thru Compromise! Part 2

This week we will revisit the nation of South Africa with historian and author Harry Booyens, to analyze the political climate and societal changes...
Green Earthvideo

Environmentalism As Spiritualism

...is the new green religion really good for humanity? Tonight we will be examining the new green religion that seems to be competing with, co-opting,...

Education Or Indoctrination

the refocus in American education During the presidential campaign, President Trump ran on a clear message of a return to local control of our schools...

The Panic in Marxist Utopia

…the lights are on and the roaches are scurrying The realization by the voters of the developed countries to the true purpose of globalism/radical environmentalism...

Radical Islam & Fear …the keys to unlock the new world order?

This week Dan and his guests will discuss in detail how radical Islam has redefined international terrorism and made Americans and Europeans more amenable...