The progressive socialists and communists in positions of influence within many of our political, social and financial institutions have long ago targeted economic dependence as the key to controlling the masses. A useful tool of the Marxist planners to achieve this economic dependence is the stirring of racial and social conflicts while destroying religious, family and moral institutions that have been the essence of American exceptionalism since the founding. This divide and conquer plan is a valuable tool to create continual social chaos, the forerunner of totalitarian rule.

We must identify the purpose and architects behind this plan to destroy our national identity, and promote independence and self-worth as a way of assuring that all races, creeds, and colors can reach their maximum potential and enjoy freedom and happiness that is unobtainable in controlled economies The lib-tards that think happiness can only be achieved if they are in control of every aspect of our lives are the architects of a system best defined as the liberal plantation; a place where every action in our lives is controlled and the only freedom we have is the freedom to be slaves of the state.

Some of the most notably racist leaders have been at the vanguard of this system of social and economic control. President Lyndon Johnson who was noted for his off color racist comments self-described his “Great Society” programs in a most derogatory way when selling the idea to so-called liberal Democrats in Congress. The Democrat Party who now claims to be the angels of political correctness were the party responsible for Jim Crow laws and racial segregation. Senator Robert Bird, a Grand Dragon in the KKK was somehow whitewashed of his racist past and became the grand old man of Democratic inclusiveness.

We need to understand that the liberal plantation exists and is the cornerstone of efforts to control society and create racial and social tensions that usher in one world collectivist government openly called The New World Order, where all of humanity will live as slaves of the state. Freedom can only exist when we promote self-reliance and personal achievement. Learn from Pastor Cummings how this can be achieved across racial, social and cultural lines.

Matthew Cummings is an evangelist with a powerful prophetic gift and has ministered for twenty eight years in the U.S. and traveled overseas to Europe, Australia and Israel. In 1994 a Holy Spirit encounter changed the direction of his ministry and his life forever. Habitation and the establishment of God’s Kingdom is his message; and that means leading a life in intimacy and effectiveness through the Lord’s work.

In 2008, the political and social climate in America became troubling, and Matthew was called by the Lord to get involved and now encourages his audience to combine faith and activism to call God’s people to a life of purpose. Matthew has been involved in community affairs and politics or 30 + years, with a life story that spans every political spectrum from his childhood till today. He sees the need for community organizing through grassroots groups, but to improve the spiritual lives of everyday folks, and to fight the political and social indoctrination of leftist progressives. He started a program called the Convergence Project, where Christian ministries, business leaders, think tanks, and concerned citizens can come together to promote true biblical solutions for today’s many complex problems, all the while being based on a foundation of biblical truth.

Matthew has worked with many national leaders including: Rev. C.L. Bryant of One Nation Back to God and the creator of the film Runaway Slave; Tim Barton, President of Wall Builders; Pastor Stephen E. Broden founder of Ebony Berean; and Stephanie Reis of Act for America to name a few among many other organizations dedicated to strengthening the Call to God with the call to defend our nation and culture from attack from within. Matthew has a parish at Colville, Washington and travels America to minister as the Lord leads.

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