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Occasionally we meet someone who helps us to see the bright side of a serious issue and turns a very nasty situation into a very pleasurable experience.

The looney left have been very good at painting anyone who disagrees with their ideas as a heartless and brainless fool to be reviled or at the very least ignored. For the most part we have allowed them to set the rules for the game of life and play into their clutches by being dour and reactionary.

They call us names and accuse us of everything from racism to homophobia and rather than point out their obvious hypocrisy, we go into defensive mode and forget the use of humor as a way to display their intolerence.

Today we will meet someone who uses humor as a weapon to throw his oppressors off balance and enhance his image with an audience that has heard only one side of the argument…………….their side.

We know that leftists are all about control and intolerance to ideas that don't support their narrow anti-Christian view of the world and human society. They call conservatives Troglodites and embrace every hairbrained idea that comes down the road. Surely they provide us with plenty of ammunition to expose their brutal and brainless plans for society in ways that are funny and appealing to a younger audience.

That will be the subject of today's radio program……using the magic of personal experience and humor to sell conservative values to an audience that has heard only the loony left's side of the debate.

Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic.

Patrick Matrisciana, along with his wife Caryl, are the founders of Citizens for Honest Government. Citizens for Honest Government does business as Jeremiah Films and Integrity Films, based in Hemet, California. Patrick is the founder, president and producer.

Pat Matrisciana is a Baptist minister. Pat says that he “got into the ‘motion picture film business' because of his ‘moral outrage' and to fill a perceived void in the ‘establishment' or ‘mainstream' media for telling the ‘truth.'”

With its cutting edge investigations of the political world and social arena, Jeremiah Films has successfully filled the void created by the national media, whose inability to consistently present the truth to the American public has become all too common. These highly informative and controversial videos have received international prominence with reviews appearing in major publications around the world. They have been effectively used by individuals and grassroots organizations as tools to help weed out government corruption as well as promote patriotism, traditional values, and the biblical worldview of our founding fathers.

Celebrating over 30 years in the field of video communication, Jeremiah Films continues to lead the way as an effective creator of hard hitting, life changing motion pictures. Through its high standards of excellence, Jeremiah Films has impacted the world with its production and distribution of intelligent, innovative, and thought provoking films, videos, books, and music. As the award winning motion picture producer, founder and president of Jeremiah Films, Patrick Matrisciana’s success has made him a much sought after radio and television talk show guest.

The Clinton Chroniclesamazon link

George Caylor was raised on a historic family farm in western Pennsylvania. The story takes place during a six-year period from 1949 to 1956 during America’s most innocent era. Georgie tells first-person and humorous recollections of living on a farm, attending a one-room schoolhouse, Sunday church, and day-to-day family life from age 5-12. Hilarious and unique, these are a collection of incredibly heartfelt and touching stories. No one has experienced the misadventures that Georgie did on a daily basis!

His first success was as a classic rock musician spending six years touring with Motown records. He later became an educator, researcher, and a successful business executive managing hundreds of millions of dollars. He is a co-founder of the political movement known as the Tea Party and hosts a podcast that can be listened to on

George is extremely knowledgeable on multiple subjects and has been a guest on numerous talk shows including: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Stein, Larry King, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingram. George is most proud of his medical and charitable work in Uganda.

Surviving Georgieamazon link

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