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Zero-Sum thinking combined with radical environmental programs will limit our options when solving societies problems.

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The key ingredient for totalitarian government is a dependency on the State for all the basic necessities of life; a dependency almost entirely confined to the common people.

A large and affluent American Middle Class has been the main obstacle of Marxist progressives trying to take over this country for the past 130 years.

They have targeted Americans because our economic health is directly connected to our independence and self reliance.

Endless attacks on the American Middle Class have become the top priority of progressives and globalists in their quest for Marxist/socialist/ globalist hegemony under a plan called UN Agenda 21/2030 where all natural and human resources become the property of globalist technocrats under the faulty ideology of “sustainable development”.

At the center of the destruction of the American Middle Class are direct attacks on private property and the right to decide what's best for ourselves and our families.

Subtle changes to the definition of property have convinced many Americans that our own bodies are no longer our property, but subject to government mandates and orders that would have been unthinkable a generation earlier.

In 2020-21 we were forced to stay home, stay at least 6 feet apart, wear masks, and subject our bodies to untested vaccines for the “common good”.

American small businesses and restaurants were called non-essential and were ordered to close. Multinational corporations were allowed to stay open as “essential”, many growing exponentially when nearly 40% of all American small businesses that were forced to close never re-opened.

This travesty was at the behest of elected officials and government bureaucrats allowed to pick the economic winners and losers of the Covid plandemic.

We are experiencing the final phase of a long-term plan to end the last-best hope for an advanced industrial society of free men and women. From here everything goes downhill.

At the core of this de-industrialization effort is a Zero-Sum Maltheusian ideology that sees every resource as finite, including American ingenuity.

These flat earthers want everything under the watchful eye and control of government technocrats that will bar code, label and catalogue every natural and human resource to assure “equity and social justice” for all in a surveillance state beyond our wildest Orwellian nightmares.

The new currency will be based on energy credits with our carbon footprint as the baseline for human existence. Everyone will have a virtual wallet of carbon credits based on their political and social credit score.

The more you conform to the state, the better your social credit score, allowing for a better lifestyle than those non-conformists and independent thinkers unwilling to cow-tow to the Marxist super-state.

Non- conformists will live in squallor, having zero luxuries unless they learn to comply.

Advanced industrial society will end, replaced by a minimalist society where according to Klaus Schwab “you will own nothing and you will be happy”.

And, although there is little actual support for these ideas by average Americans, the mainstream media and academia have sold an entire generation of young people on the false science that anthoprogenic (human caused) global warming threatens the planet with catastrophic climate change that will end all life on earth unless we transition to a top down total control grid of global governance by 2030.

This system of total control is called “sustainable”, everything else is labeled as “unsustainable”.

Reliable and affordable energy allowed America to become the technological, industrial, and agricultural leader of the developed world, creating the largest middle-class in world history.

Concurrently, the constitutionally guaranteed right of individuals to own property and to make decisions based on self interest was essential to this record of national achievement.

UN Agenda 21/2030 targets all fossil fuel and carbon based energy as “unsustainable” virtually guarantying massive cost increases, energy shortages and a reduced standard of living for America's Middle Class.

It has also forced many US Corporations to off-shore much of their manufacturing base, enriching third world and developing communist/socialist nations at the expense of American workers.

This was not accidental, redistribution of wealth being a central theme of progressive planners hell bent on their Utopian Globalist vision of a planned society run by technocrats.

Integral with this effort to deindustrialize the West is a “fundamental transformation” of agriculture and diet that promotes significant population reductions; by some estimates nearly 90%.

Are Americans willing to succomb to globalist demands that we sacrifice the freedoms we enjoyed during 237 years of innovation and prosperity that delivered much of the developed world from poverty and the forced labor that is a hallmark of totalitarian societies.

Only free and prosperous societies have the economic resources and innovative thinkers to solve the technical challenges that face the world in 2024.

Tell the zero-sum gamers and flat earthers to use their silly ideology on themselves and leave the rest of us alone to innovate and solve the problems the Maltheusian flat earthers have largely been responsible for creating.


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