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How progressives of both parties are destroying traditional American institutions and replacing them with communist ideas.

This week our guest Dr. Harry Booyens with give us a tour around the African continent in 2017 and explain how communism has taken over the political systems of most African nations and explain how the same progressive ideas and political operatives have been at work in America for many years, culminating in 8 years of the Obama Administration which shifted communist programs and goals into high gear.

His message to America is clear……wake up and force our elected officials to dump collectivist programs and return to our constitutional republican government before we lose the greatest experiment in freedom ever bestowed to mankind. He will explain how these collectivist programs are openly racist and opposed to Christianity and traditional moral values. Through race-baiting and the Balkanization of regions and ethnic/religious groups, change agents intent on destroying representative government in America and around the world are openly promoting anarchy and anti-American attitudes and political groups. Those change agents exist in both the Democrat and Republican Parties and must be unelected and replaced by political leaders intent on preserving the America of our founders. Please join us for this important broadcast on the future of America.

Harry BooyensHarry Booyens is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning PhD Defense & Aerospace physicist. Originally from South Africa, with a 360-year bloodline in that country, he lives with his family on the forested slopes outside Vancouver, Canada. He applies his lifetime of research and interpretive skills to History and Genealogy, and writes with factual accuracy and engaging style on these subjects. Compelling evidence is a trademark of his work and has won him a number of awards.

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