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We have a unique opportunity to stand with County Sheriffs and Medical Professionals to identify and prosecute against the dangers of untested medical experiments.

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As Americans search for solutions to the many challenges facing society today we are confronted with the reality that most of the problems we face are being orchestrated by our own government and the internationalists intent on controlling human society and reducing human populations.

The popular term used to soft peddle their genocidal program is sustainability or unsustainability depending on context, with one common tenet; humans are destroying the planet by overconsumption of resources and therefore must be kept at a permanent population of fewer than a billion people.

What often goes unsaid is that since human populations are at nearly 8 billion people, 7+ billion must be eliminated through whatever means necessary, and in their eyes, the quicker the better.  All the while they are telling us how much they love us and are there to protect, provide and watch over us; and they call God fearing patriotic Americans terrorists……RIGHT.

The level of evil these sick bastards are willing to employ is beyond most normal people's ability to comprehend.  Plandemics, wars, destruction of food supplies, false flag terrorist events………..nothing is off the table.

So, how do we counteract their plans to control society and cull the human herd.  Some would say that we must fight back with blood in the streets, but obviously that is exactly what they want.

Violence serves their purpose on several fronts: killing people reduces the population and at the same time creates the conditions for martial law.  Under martial law they can declare anyone on their hit list as enemies of the state as they systematically pick off the leaders and political opposition regardless their participation in any violent acts.

The best counter to their genocidal agenda is; although an uphill battle, use the law and the court systems to illustrate their diabolical plans and bring them before the court of public opinion.  Not easy, but do-able under our current legal system.

A case in point is the Covid-19 plandemic and the unconstitutional mandates to force the entire population to submit to the JABs.  The evidence is mounting that it was never about curing the disease, it was about forcing the entire population to be vaccinated with a technology that we knew very little about.  This technology has the capability to change our DNA and impact our physiological makeup in ways that few outside of the Big Pharma inner circle truly understand.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the cure is infinitely more deadly than the disease.

Why have we allowed our elected and appointed political class to throw generations of scientific experimentation and knowledge in the fields of nutrition and natural immunity out the window and promote something with unknowable impacts on society ,especially when many of the proponents show a direct money trail to Big Pharma?

It is becoming clear that the Covid 19 variant has a direct connection with the Wuhan Virology Lab and “gain of function” funding directed by the Obama Administration, Dr. Fauci, and our University Grant System among others, in support of research that was deemed “inappropriate” within the U.S. by medical science watchdogs.

Why were factions within our government working with the CCP in a Chinese lab to create a variant that can jump between species with such a highly infectious and deadly virus?  This make absolutely no sense. unless you connect the dots between cause and effect. Disease begat a so-called vaccine cure, and God only knows what is in the cure.

Is Covid just one more false flag event; a perfect scenario to guide the whole world including the U.S. into unlimited world government control over our citizens and a genocidal population reduction plan in a very clandestine way………after all, it's for our own good……right?

The fact that the whole world succumbed to this mindset, especially the Trump Administration, seemed to make the whole thing just that much more acceptable to even conservative Christian Americans, but is it a pandemic or a plandemic?

We have the means through the legal system and courts to stop this genocidal program in it's tracks, but as the Obiden Administration and the Administrative Deep State ratchet up their lawlessness and ability to control the downstream media, academia, and the courts, this opportunity may disappear if we don't move quickly.

America, join the fight by contacting your County Sheriff and asking him to challenge this medical tyranny before we lose even the right to do that!


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