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South Africa and America were both founded as deeply religious Christian nations. We must return to those roots.

South Africa has been the “canary in the coal mine” of how to destroy free market, developed, industrial economies worldwide.

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It is also a blueprint for the New World Order plan to turn countries and governments founded on Christian principles into wastelands of secular humanism; functioning under Marxist/totalitarian systems of absolute control.

First Rhodesia, and then South Africa were trial runs on how to make that transfer happen…..and have succeeded remarkably well in turning two of the most advanced countries on the African continent into veritable Hells on Earth for all but those controlling the communist oligarchs that were put in charge by internationalists.

Americans must wake up and accept their roles as the last best hope for a world perilously close to total destruction by globalist forces.

Pastor Jack Stagman was born in South Africa in 1949, at a time that the Afrikaner government was wresting control away from British colonialism.

He was there as South Africa became a technological and economic miracle, and also there to see it succumb to economically stifling international pressure that, in 1994, forced the apartheid government to hand political control to the openly communist ANC Party under the leadership of Nelson Mandela.

Since that time South Africa has fallen from number 17 to number 47 in domestic GDP as the country has been systematically looted by a succession of corrupt and economically inept communist thugs.

A similar thing happened 14 years earlier to Rhodesia under the conservative leadership of Ian Smith when he was forced by British Prime Minister Wilson to hand the lawful democratic government over to communist dictator Robert Mugabe who since, quite literally, destroyed the country.

Harry Booyens has been warning Americans about the destruction of civil society that he had witnessed in South Africa, and the intentional fanning of racial tensions he witnessed during the Obama Administration.

Harry saw similarities between the Marxist “fundamental transformation of America” policies of Community Organizer Obama and the ANC Leader Mandela who had been key in “the fundamental communist transformation” of South Africa following the transfer of power from the Apartheid Government of DeKlerk.

Not only has the South African murder and overall crime rate gone through the roof, the coverup and outright censorship of anyone trying to expose the collapse of most free market institutions means that the fake news phenomenon is truly a global problem.

We have a worldwide societal cancer now that Marxists and communists control academia, big tech, most national governments, and all media except a small, but growing, segment of alternative media sites like ours.

The world is dangerously close to the point of no return for free market economies, with a dramatic transition that has taken place since the Second World War with the creation of The United Nations.

Although many thought the fall of communism in the USSR and Eastern Europe was the beginning of the end for collectivists worldwide, many insiders knew that it was only a ruse to lull people into believing that there was nothing left to fear, and that a worldwide era of prosperity would result from a melding of different societies, cultures and economic systems into a hodgepodge of enlightened Marxist-lite political systems controlled by the financial elite ruling humanity.

Communist China became the model for modern industrial economies despite a long history of totalitarian rule, America intentionally transferring most of it's industrial sector to China for the cheap labor and increased short term profits that resulted from destroying our entire industrial sector and with it our national prosperity.

Communist and Marxist/socialist countries have very quietly captured the governments of most individual nation states as the American people slept, while many of our elected and highly placed administrative and industrial leaders profited by this transfer of power!

The world under despotic leadership has become a much more violent and dangerous place today.

Antonio Gramsci wrote about the “long march through the capitalist institutions” that would accomplish clandestinely what could not happen through force of arms; the complete takeover of free societies by Marxist intellectuals and their willing lackeys in government and the mainstream media.

Marxist revolutionaries are given free reign to riot, loot and burn our cities, while God fearing American patriots are targeted as domestic enemies.

The entire world is being overwhelmed by collectivist ideology while most people stand on the sidelines in bewilderment, hoping for rescue by someone willing to do all their heavy lifting for them.

Welcome to the dog eared pages of the “Marxist/Leninist playbook” and a program of planned economic destruction and societal turmoil meant to uproot and destroy free market economies and replace them with cradle to grave command/control economies where all are equally poor and subservient to the ruling class of communist technocrats working as willing lackeys for the Global Elite Bankers dolling out the money.

We need to understand that our battle has only begun, and will not be won until we seek absolute truth, redemption and the guiding hand of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

America and South Africa were both founded as Christian enclaves dedicated to biblical truths by deeply spiritual people escaping religious persecution in their home countries.

We must return to our roots and we must be willing to defend what we know as absolute truth with our lives, fortunes and sacred honor!


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