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We take a look at the Non-Governmental Organizations and Tax Exempt Foundations that control virtually all levels of our Federal Government and increasingly shape many state and local government policies as well.  Although these powerful groups pay almost no taxes, they are at the heart of the radical political changes sweeping America in the form of sustainability policies, illegal immigration, banking & finance, commerce, international trade, education, social policies, defense spending, law enforcement, etc., etc. ad infinitum.

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Non-profits and Tax Exempt Foundations have become nothing short of money laundering schemes to pass all costs of their insanely radical programs on to the American Middle Class who are growing poorer as the Tax Exempts become ever more influential, powerful and incredibly wealthy.  The dirty little (not so) secret is that Non-profits and Tax Exempt Foundations now own Washington, the district of criminals and are unabashedly buying the rest of the world with the unwitting help of American taxpayers.

Add the extraordinary lobbying power and political influence of major corporations that frequently have severed all patriotic ties to America, and you have the perfect blend of special interests and fascism that now control much of the developed world.  Their brand of fascism is even more deadly than the Hitler/Mussolini variety, because in 2021 fascism, business controls government and dictates the terms of their autocracy.

Meanwhile, the useful idiots of the left are being funded by the same mega corporations and tax exempts that they claim to despise……..but they somehow never refuse the money, and give them a pass on all the things they hold the rest of us accountable for.  The hypocrisy is quite unbelievable, but seems to go unnoticed by the downstream media and Marxists that own academia and the populate most levels of government in 2021 America.

The administrative agencies that make 99% of all rules and regulations that have replaced constitutional law and congressional oversight, have become a game of musical chairs as NGO administrators and government bureaucrats move seamlessly back and forth from private to public sector.  This incestuous relationship is now commonly referred to as “public/private partnerships” and is considered acceptable by the Washington establishment.

We ask why and how government became so corrupt and out of touch with average, honest, tax paying Americans??  Now government wants to control your lives, liberty and property from cradle to grave, and finally have the influence, power and money to buy anything or anyone that stands in their way.  You say to yourself, “no that's impossible, we live in America, land of the free, home of the brave”.  Oh really?  Step outside and watch all the American sheeple walk around like zombies with their cute little masks and social distancing as they line up to be injected with untested vaccines, and then tell me that it is impossible.

The cornerstones of American Exceptionalism include the right to own property and the right to freely associate.  The Second Amendment guaranteed that Americans have a mechanism to protect all rights associated with a free people from a tyrannical government, one looking more and more like the federal government we have in 2021.  All our freedoms are now in their crosshairs for elimination.

Administrative Agency Environmental NGOs/Tax Exempt Foundations and their lap dogs in government have changed the rules and the nature of private property and true freedom in America.  We hope this discussion brings clarity to the debate and stops the blind acceptance of policies that openly attack our individual liberties.

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This Weeks Guest Profile(s)

Guest: Bill Coate- Colonel USMC (ret)

BIll CoateBill Coate- Colonel USMC (ret) is a Montana native, raised in Forsyth.  After graduating from Forsyth High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He served four years on active duty as an Enlisted Man and returned to Montana to study history at Eastern Montana College.  Coate was commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps after he graduated and served in the Marine Corps for 30 years, retiring at the rank of Colonel.  After serving a tour as an aircrat maintenance officer, he completed Amphibious Warfare School where he became an intelligence officer in the SIGINT field.

He then served as Commanding Officer of Company C Marine Support Battalion, Guam.  He was the transferred to 1st Radio Battalion, Kaneohe Bay, where he served in company command billets until his transfer to Canberra, Australia, where he served as a liaison officer with the Australian Defence Force.  During this time he deployed with the ADF to Operation WARDEN, a United Nations peace enforcement operation in the East Timor.

During 2000-2001 he attended U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS.  He then served as the assistant chief of staff G2 MARFORRES until 2002 when he received orders to USCENTCOM to become the SIGINT collection manager.  During Operation IRAQI FREEDOM he served as the Iraq all source Intelligence Team Chief in Qatar.  He then returned to Tampa for a short period before he was sent to Baghdad to establish the National Intelligence Center.  He finished his military service as the Commandant at the Marine Corps Military Intelligence Training Center at Quantico, VA.

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You- The Last Best Hope To Restore Our Nation by Bill Coate


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