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THE LAS VEGAS MASS SHOOTINGS – crazed lone gunman or immense cover-up…you decide! 

The mass shootings in Las Vegas have received much publicity from the mainstream press, but their focus always seems to be the same; we must pass intensive new laws that restrict or eliminate the Second Amendment right for private citizens to keep and bear arms.  There are many conflicting details and differing accounts of what really took place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and the nearby Country Music Jam where the mass shooting occurred.

In a typical Kennedy Assassination story line, the crazed lone gunman theory is being foisted upon the American people by media and government sources alike, despite numerous eye witness accounts that include multiple gunmen and vastly different circumstances than the official version of events.  The facts just don’t add up, and witnesses are disappearing and dying mysteriously, or being threatened by Federal law enforcement that appear to want to keep a lid on the whole unholy mess.  Is this just one more of many false flags that are destroying our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights faster than you can say “global government”?  Are we seeing the manifestation of the “Deep State” and deeply entrenched progressive socialists/Marxists of the Obama Administration still controlling much of our government despite nearly a year of President Trump trying to drain the swamp in the Washington District of Criminals?

Join us for a candid discussion of the facts, personalities, inconsistencies, lies, and misdirection taking place in the most deadly single mass shooting in American history……………then you decide, is the official story accurate, or just one more horrific  false flag event?

Brand ThorntonBrand Thornton – 64 year old native of Las Vegas Nevada.  Five generations in the Las Vegas valley.  Brand has been a militia member since 1995.  He served a two-year mission for the Mormon church and was a Mechanical contractor for 18 years.

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