an inside look at the events surrounding the occupation

There is very little known about the evidence presented at the trial of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupiers and how the jury arrived at the not guilty verdicts so quickly.

John Lamb was present at the courtroom in Portland during the entire court proceeding and will give a first hand account of the trial and the trial actions by the occupiers as well as the BLM, FBI, State Police and numerous law enforcement and judicial agencies. He will  give listeners a fascinating insight into the day-to-day activities at the Courthouse and the many undisclosed actions by the occupiers and the various government agencies involved in the standoff.  John Lamb will also disclose under reported information about the death of Lavoy Finicum  during the roadblock near Burns, Oregon.

Join Dan with John Lamb and a witness from the trial, Brand Thorton, for this very special broadcast!

John LambJohn Lamb is a Farmer and Contractor from Southwest Montana who became concerned about the many attacks on private property and personal liberty by the Federal Government. He decided to learn more by attending the trials of the Malheur Defendants and questioning many of the ranchers and farmers losing their land and property rights in the effort to re-wild rural America by radical environmentalists, aided and abetted by the Federal land agencies. What he discovered went well beyond anything he had even contemplated. John has spent the last several months traveling throughout the West, and spent every day in the Portland courtroom listening to Malheur testimony and observing the evidence and courtroom procedures.

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